1Y0-A17 Practice Tests (June)

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June 2, 2015





Which component is used for authenticating the credentials of the remote users accessing virtual desktops


A.DNS Server

B.XML Service

C.Access Gateway

D.The Web Interface


Answer: B




Which server hardware requirements must an administrator consider when setting up a resource pool for a XenDesktop environment?


A.Local disk type and size

B.CPU vendor and version

C.Network speed and chipset

D.Graphics card vendor and memory


Answer: B






Citrix 1Y0-A17 : Practice Test

Which two steps should an administrator take to disable defragmentation on the target devices in a XenDesktop environment? (Choose two)


A.Edit the properties of the target device

B.Put the vDisk in Standard Image Mode

C.Run the Provisioning Server Device Optimizer
D.install the target device software on a virtual machine


Answer: C,D




An administrator needs to configure the XenDesktop environment as depicted in the screenshot Click the Exhibit’ button to view the screenshot Which two Active Directory trust relationships are required for the environment based on the screenshot? (Choose two)




A.One way trust from Miami to Dublin




Citrix 1Y0-A17 : Practice Test

B.One way trust from Miami to New York

C.One way trust from Dublin to New York

D.Two way trust between Dublin and Miami

E.Two way trust between Miami and New York

F.Two way trust between New York and Dublin


Answer: A,B




Scenario: Users complain that printing jobs on their XenDesktop clients are taking more than 10 minutes to print. An administrator ensured that the network print server and XenApp server are on the same LAN. Which additional action should the administrator take to allow users to achieve faster printing?


A.Turn off client printer mapping

B.Create dynamic session-private client printers
C.Save the printer properties on the virtual desktop
D.Route print jobs from the XenApp server to the network print server


Answer: D




An administrator use the Delivery Services Consol to create a desktop group. On the given scenario, which two cause the desktop group to be disabled? (Choose two)


A.None of the virtual desktops have been registered
B.No virtual desktops are defined in the desktop group
C.No users have been granted access to the desktop group.
D.All virtual desktops in the group are in maintenance mode


Answer: B,C




Scenario: An administrator recently created a virtual machine (VM) and installed the Virtual Desktop Agent on the VM The administrator needs to change the desktop service communication port number to something other than the default.




Citrix 1Y0-A17 : Practice Test

What must the administrator do to change the port number according to best practice?


A.Set the port using the CTXXMLSS utility

B.Modify the Virtual Desktop Agent installation
C.Reconfigure the port number in the properties of the VM
D.Edit the port number from the Desktop Delivery Controller


Answer: B




An administrator has changed the settings of a XenDesktop policy In which two scenarios will the new policy settings be applied? (Choose two)


A.A user logs on to a new session

B.A user restarts an application on a virtual desktop
C.A user plugs in a USB device on an endpoint device
D.A user reconnects to a previously disconnected session


Answer: A,D




Scenario: An administrator installed the target device software on the base desktop virtual machine (VM). However, after restarting the VM, vDisk status is noted as “Not Active” instead of “Active”. Which two items could the administrator ensure to allow the vDisk status to become “Active” ?


(Choose two)


A.The vDisk is in standard image mode

B.The virtual desktop agent is not installed on the VM
C.The base desktop VM is set to boot from the network
D.There is no network connectivity between the Provisioning Services Server and the base desktop VM


Answer: C,D






Citrix 1Y0-A17 : Practice Test

Which action should an administrator take to prevent users from instantly being disconnected when using Remote Desktop Protocol to connect to a virtual machine?


A.Disable USB support

B.Enable the RDP listener

C.Disable the Windows firewall

D.Add the user to the Remote Desktop User group
E.Uncheck ‘Enable Remote Desktop support on this computer’


Answer: B


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