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September 16, 2017

2017 Sep CompTIA Official New Released FC0-TS1
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CompTIA Strata IT Sales Exam

Question No: 71

The speed the platters on a hard drive rotate is measured in which of the following?

  1. KHz

  2. GBs

  3. RPMs

  4. MBs

Answer: C

Question No: 72

Which of the following will occur when plugging a USB 2.0 device into a USB 1.1 hub?

  1. The device will allow the hub to transfer at 2.0 transfer rates while the device is connected.

  2. The device will not be recognized at all.

  3. The device will function erratically.

  4. The device will work but transfer at a slower transfer rate.

Answer: D

Question No: 73

Which of the following should a sales representative recommend to extend the signal range to an existing wireless network?

  1. Switch

  2. Bluetooth earpiece

  3. Wireless print server

  4. Wireless access point

Answer: D

Question No: 74

A customer has a site that experiences brown outs and power surges on a frequent basis. Which of the following equipment should the sales representative recommend to protect their equipment?

  1. AC/DC adapter

  2. Surge suppressor

  3. Power strip

  4. UPS

Answer: D

Question No: 75

Which of the following can be used to manage printer or storage operations?

  1. Laptop

  2. Netbook

  3. Desktop

  4. Server

Answer: D

Question No: 76

Which of the following is the measurement of processor speed?

  1. KHz

  2. KBps

  3. KGps

  4. MHz

Answer: D

Question No: 77

To prevent damage to a PC in a location where electrical surges and outages are common, which of the following is the BEST recommendation for the sales representative to make?

  1. Place the PC on an antistatic mat.

  2. Plug the PC into a UPS.

  3. Place the PC close to the window for maximum cooling.

  4. Plug the PC directly into a high wattage power supply.

Answer: B

Question No: 78

Which of the following should a sales representative recommend to install into a laptop to increase its RAM?

  1. DIMM

  2. SATA


  4. SCSI

Answer: C

Question No: 79

A customer walks in and asks for a new computer. Which of the following should a sales representative do?

  1. Engage the customer and qualify the customer with open-ended questions.

  2. Refer customer to another sales representative to better server them.

  3. Show the customer the best PC and tell them it will do everything they want.

  4. Show the customer all available PCs and let them select and investigate each one.

Answer: A

Question No: 80

When dealing with customers it is BEST to:

  1. Be culturally sensitive.

  2. Only ask closed-ended questions to get straight to the facts.

  3. Interrupt them when they are incorrect to avoid confusion.

  4. Use industry jargon and slang to show technical expertise.

Answer: A

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