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August 5, 2018

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Introducing Cisco Data Center Networking

Question No: 131

For a router to do an IP routing process, which part of a packet must be checked before consulting the routing table?

  1. destination IP address

  2. source IP address

  3. destination MAC address

  4. source MAC address

Answer: A

Question No: 132

A switch is configured to be part of a VTP domain so that its VLAN database is not affected by any changes in the domain. Which mode should be configured on this switch?

  1. client

  2. transparent

  3. server

  4. neutral

Answer: B

Question No: 133

Which device does a network engineer use to break the network environment into smaller collision domains?

  1. switch

  2. router

  3. hub

  4. repeater

  5. CSU/DSU

Answer: A

Question No: 134

What is the maximum distance that is supported by Cisco passive Twinax cables?

  1. 3 m

  2. 4 m

  3. 5 m

  4. 10 m

Answer: C

Question No: 135

What two address and subnet combinations are properly matched? (Choose two.)



C. D. E.

Answer: B,C

Question No: 136

Which three options represent a subnet mask that allows for 60 host addresses on a subnet? (Choose three.)

A. /25


C. /26



F. /28

G. /30

Answer: A,B,C

Question No: 137

What does RIPv1 send to its neighbors?

  1. Information about changed routes

  2. Information about new routes

  3. The entire routing table

  4. Information about deleted routes

Answer: C Explanation:

quot;On receiving the Routing table, the router processes each entry of the routing table as per the following rulesquot;


Question No: 138

Which process does a Cisco router perform immediately upon powering up?

  1. POST

  2. BIOS

  3. booting from NVRAM

  4. booting from ROM

Answer: A

Question No: 139

A router cannot forward packets to supernets. What are two causes of this problem? (Choose two.)

  1. The router is configured with Classless IP routing.

  2. The router is configured with Classfull IP routing.

  3. IP Classless command is not configured on the router.

  4. Only static routing is configured.

  5. Variable Length Subnet Mask is not used in choosing the IP addresses.

Answer: B,C

Question No: 140

Refer to the exhibit.

Dumps4Cert 2018 PDF and VCE

An engineer has been tasked with rerouting packets flowing between the client and server via router B. The command ip route was executed on router

B. What is the outcome of executing this command?

  1. Packets will be rerouted using the new static route.

  2. Packets will continue to use the path between routers A and C.

  3. Routes from the client to the server cease routing.

  4. Routing is now asynchronous between the client and the server.

Answer: B

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