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August 8, 2018

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Conducting Cisco Unified Wireless Site Survey V2

Question No: 1

Which item is more of an issue to outdoor wireless mesh deployment than indoor?

  1. Reflection

  2. Scattering

  3. Absorption

  4. Delay spread

Answer: D

Question No: 2

Which two statements best describe the Fresnel zone related to an outdoor RF point-to- point link? (Choose two.)

  1. single elliptical area surrounding an RF line of sight

  2. multiple elliptical areas surrounding an RF line of sight

  3. extends vertically

  4. extends horizontally

  5. extends three-dimensionally

Answer: B,E

Question No: 3

An engineer is conducting a failover test with a Mesh deployment by disconnecting the network interface of a RAP. A MAP becomes stranded even though it has an acceptable RSSI value on the link to its neighbor. What are two reasons the MAP may become stranded? (Choose two.)

  1. the MAP is 6 hops away

  2. the MAP is 9 hops away

  3. the SNR on the neighbor link is 5dB

  4. the SNR on the neighbor link is 15dB

  5. the throughput on the neighbor link is 18Mbps

  6. the throughput on the neighbor link is 24Mbps

Answer: B,C

Question No: 4

A company needs to link two buildings, separated by 100 feet of parking lot, with Cisco 1300 bridges. Which three Cisco recommended antennas should be used? (Choose three.)

  1. AIR-ANT5959

  2. AIR-ANT1949

  3. AIR-ANT1728

  4. AIR-ANT24120

  5. AIR-ANT2506

  6. AIR-ANT2410Y-R

Answer: B,E,F

Question No: 5

Which piece of information gathered during a WLAN site survey should be included in the customer report?

  1. Analysis of server location and applications supported.

  2. Analysis of fiber-optic backbone infrastructure.

  3. Output from Cisco WCS Location Quality Inspector.

  4. Output from Cisco WCS VoWLAN Voice Readiness Tool.

  5. Output from Cisco WCS Planning Mode Tool.

Answer: E

Question No: 6

A 802.11n implementation is being discussed. Users are satisfied with the potential 300- 450 Mbps throughput of new 802.11n APs. Which three bandwidth requirements are used to calculate per client bandwidth through an 802.11n AP network? (Choose three.)

  1. 300 Mbps throughput is the client max for 2.4-GHz radio.

  2. 450 Mbps throughput is the client max for 5-GHz radio.

  3. 100 Mbps AP Ethernet switch port is a potential bottleneck.

  4. CleanAir helps clear noise for 802.11n channel bonding to work.

  5. Channel bonding on 5 GHz is required for a client to have a 300 Mbps WiFi link.

  6. The remaining bandwidth is divided per device when more clients are connected to one AP.

Answer: C,E,F

Question No: 7

The customer site requires Cisco 1400 bridges with 28dBi external antennas in a PTP design. What is the maximum power setting allowed by Cisco?

  1. 150 mW

  2. 155 mW

  3. 160 mW

  4. 145 mW

Answer: B

Question No: 8

What document is required to build the Statement of Work?

  1. pre-survey questionnaire

  2. post-survey questionnaire

  3. site survey report

  4. installation report

Answer: A

Question No: 9

Which two basic characteristics would be needed from antennas used for survey and deployment in various indoor situations? (Choose two.)

  1. Horizontally polarized

  2. Vertically polarized

  3. Aesthetically fitting

  4. Least cost

  5. Highest gain

  6. Largest beamwidth

Answer: B,C

Question No: 10

What document must be kept current when a customer is conducting network maintenance?

  1. installation report

  2. survey report

  3. readiness report

  4. technical report

Answer: A

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