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August 10, 2018

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Implementing Advanced Cisco Unified Wireless Security v2.0

Question No: 101

An engineer is configuring a Cisco AnyConnect client. What module is selected to allow for reporting and diagnostics?

  1. NAM

  2. Posture

  3. Telemetry

  4. VPN

  5. DART

Answer: E

Question No: 102

All authentications are failing after a firewall is placed between the Cisco NAC guest server and RADIUS clients. Which two ports must be opened on the firewall? (Choose two.)

  1. TCP port 23

  2. TCP port 443

  3. UDP port 123

  4. UDP port 1812

  5. UDP port 1813

  6. UDP port 16666

Answer: D,E

Question No: 103

An engineer is configuring the guest WLAN to redirect to a created login page uploaded to the controller. Which three CLI commands are required if the guest WLAN is on WLAN 2? (Choose three.)

  1. config wlan security web-auth enable 2

  2. config wlan custom-web global enable 2

  3. config wlan custom-web webauth-type customized 2

  4. config wlan custom-web login-page login.html 2

  5. config wlan custom-web webauth-type internal 2

  6. config wlan custom-web login-page customized 2

Answer: A,C,D

Question No: 104

Which NAC component performs device compliance checks as users attempt to access the network?

  1. Cisco NAC Guest Server

  2. Cisco Secure Access Control System

  3. Cisco 802.1X supplicant

  4. Cisco NAC Appliance Agent

  5. Cisco NAC Appliance Manager

  6. Cisco NAC Appliance Server

  7. Cisco IPS Appliance

Answer: D

Question No: 105

How many tunnels can a Cisco WLC v7.0 anchor?

  1. 63

  2. 64

  3. 71

  4. 72 E. 253 F. 254

Answer: C

Question No: 106

When creating a custom rogue classification, what three conditions would be added to alert on a specific internal SSID with more than 5 clients at -80db? (Choose three.)

  1. SSID

  2. RSSI

  3. SNR

  4. duration

  5. client-count

  6. managed-ssid

Answer: B,E,F

Question No: 107

What is the default SYSLOG level in a wireless LAN controller?

  1. alert

  2. notification

  3. error

  4. informational

  5. debugging

Answer: C

Question No: 108

When a supplicant and AAA server are configured to use PEAP, which mechanism is used by the client to authenticate the AAA server in Phase One?

  1. PMK

  2. shared secret keys

  3. digital certificate

  4. PAC

Answer: C

Question No: 109

Which key is used to encrypt unicast traffic between the supplicant and the AP after EAP authentication has completed?

  1. PMK

  2. GTK

  3. PTK

  4. OKC

  5. PSK

Answer: C

Question No: 110

Which two parameters can directly affect client roaming decisions? (Choose two.)

  1. SNR

  2. RSSI

  3. MFP status

  4. RF fingerprinting

  5. RRM

Answer: A,B

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