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September 7, 2018

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Selling Advanced Security for Account Managers v4.0 Smart Services for AM/SE

Question No: 11

What are two challenges that are specific to the education market? (Choose two.)

  1. share confidential content securely with a large audience

  2. create a comprehensive learning experience

  3. manage global supply chains

  4. high capital expenditure

  5. global competition

Answer: A,B

Question No: 12

Which vertical segment is most affected by operating regulatory requirements?

  1. education

  2. finance

  3. manufacturing

  4. retail

Answer: B

Question No: 13

What are the three main drivers for changing operations? (Choose three.)

  1. change of market trends

  2. change of competition

  3. change of application software version

  4. change of relative strengths

  5. change of networking equipment in the network

  6. change of ISP

  7. change of internal collaboration solutions

Answer: A,B,D

Question No: 14

What are two common requirements of most tasks in business processes? (Choose two.)

  1. interaction

  2. sharing office spaces

  3. collaboration

  4. globalization

  5. managing external resources

Answer: A,C

Question No: 15

Which statement correctly describes the relevance of security within a business process?

  1. In order to create a streamlined business process, all devices and applications must be integrated securely and reliably.

  2. Each business process on its own relies on a small fragment of the overall security implementation.

  3. Operations are a key enabler of security.

  4. Security is influenced by quality, performance, cost, and time of a business process.

Answer: A

Question No: 16

From a business perspective, what is the main advantage of Cisco security architecture?

  1. ability to maintain high operational agility while changes to operations, processes, staff, and infrastructure occur

  2. ease of management

  3. reduction of TCO

  4. ability to easily adapt business processes based on changes in the security architecture

Answer: A

Question No: 17

What are two major differentiators between Cisco and the competition? (Choose two.)

  1. BYOD architecture

  2. Cisco SecureX architecture and services

  3. Cisco Secure ACS

  4. Cisco TrustSec

  5. Cisco ASA

Answer: B,D

Question No: 18

Which two statements are true regarding Cisco leadership in security technologies? (Choose two.)

  1. Cisco is the market leader in enterprise security revenue.

  2. Gartner evaluated Cisco as the leader in IP surveillance, SSL VPN, and email security.

  3. Gartner evaluated Cisco as the leader in SSL VPN, secure web gateway, network access control, and email security.

  4. Cisco has a background of more than 25 years of proven firewall development.

Answer: A,C

Question No: 19

Which two statements best describe an enterprise architecture? (Choose two.)

  1. The organizing logic for business processes and IT infrastructure reflects the integration and standardization requirements of the company#39;s operating model.

  2. The organizing logic for business processes and communication paths reflect the requirements of the company#39;s operational model.

  3. The alignment of various elements and systems into one holistic entity.

  4. The operating model is the desired state of business process integration and business process standardization for delivering goods and services to customers.

  5. The operational model is the desired state of the IT infrastructure that is required for delivering goods and services.

Answer: A,D

Question No: 20

What are three foundational principles of Cisco SecureX Architecture? (Choose three.)

  1. network management

  2. content access control

  3. context-aware security enforcement

  4. virtual office management

  5. network and global intelligence

  6. context-aware policy

  7. virtual security

Answer: C,E,F

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