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August 9, 2018

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CCIE Collaboration (v1.1)

Question No: 111 – (Topic 1)

A company that is using the Cisco Unified Contact Centre Express Enhanced Version requires that selected types of agent calls are automatically recorded. Which call required operation can be used to satisfy this requirement?

  1. Instruct supervisors use the Record button on Cisco Agent Desktop to trigger recording.

  2. Configure the Cisco Agent Desktop workflow to trigger recording.

  3. Recording is not supported on the Cisco Unified CCX Enhanced Version. It is supported only on the premium version

  4. Instruct agents to use the Record button on Cisco IPPA to trigger recording

  5. Instruct supervisors to use the Record button on Cisco Supervisor Desktop to trigger recording

Answer: B

Question No: 112 – (Topic 1)

A collaboration engineer has been asked to implement secure real-time protocol between a Cisco Unified CM and its SIP gateways. Which option is a consideration for this implementation? (Choose two.)

  1. SRTP is supported only in Cisco IOS 15.x and higher

  2. Only T.38 and Cisco Fax protocols are supported.

  3. Call hold RE-INVITE is not supported.

  4. SIP requires that all times be sent in GMT

Answer: D

Question No: 113 – (Topic 1)

Which two Cisco Unified Communications Manager SIP profile configuration parameters for a SIP intercluster trunk are mandatory to enable end to end RSVP SIP Preconditions between clusters? (Choose two.)

  1. Set the SIP Rel1xx Options parameter to Send PRACK if 1xx Contains SDP.

  2. Set the SIP Rel1xx parameter to Disabled.

  3. Check the Fall Back to Local RSVP check box

  4. Set the SIP Rel1xx Options parameter to Send PRACK for all 1xx Messages

  5. Set the RSVP over SIP parameter to Local RSVP

  6. Set the RSVP over SIP parameter to E2E

Answer: A,F

Question No: 114 – (Topic 1)

Refer to the exhibit.

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

A collaboration engineer using the Show eigrp service-family External-client IOS command, noticed that a CUCM failed to register as an external SAF Client on Cisco IOS router named Site CRTR. The engineer has collected snippets of the IOS configuration screenshots and CUCM trace shown in the exhibit.

What is the reason for the registration failure?

  1. Password mismatch between CUCM and Router SAF configuration

  2. Sf-interface loopback0 command missing under service-family ipv4 autonomous-system 1

  3. SIP trunk IP address pointing to a different address than SAF Forwarder address

  4. Name mismatch between SAF Forwarder name info field and external-client name on router

  5. IP multicast-routing command missing on router configuration

Answer: B

Question No: 115 – (Topic 1)

Assume 20 bytes of voice payload. 6 bytes for the Layer 2 header, 1 byte for the end of – frame flag and the IP, UDP and RTP headers are compressed to 2 bytes, how much bandwidth should be allocated to the strict priority queue for six VoIP calls that use a G.729 codec over a multi PPP link with cRTP enabled? (Choose two.)

  1. 80.4 kb/s

  2. 91.2 kb/s

  3. 69.6 kb/s

  4. 78.4 kb/s

  5. 6 kb/s 2.4

Answer: C

Question No: 116 – (Topic 1)

Refer to the exhibit.

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

A CUBE Cluster is working in HSRP box-to-box failover model. When the phone A calls Cisco WebEx meeting server to start a conference session, no DTMF tones are recognized. Which configuration change will fix this problem when configured on both CUBEs?

  1. Voice-class sip asymmetric payload dtmf in dial-peer configuration

  2. Dtmf-relay rtp-nte digitdrop in the dial-peer configuration

  3. Media flow-around under voice service voip configuration

  4. Modem relay nse payload-type101 underglobal sip configuration

  5. Asymmetric payload full configured under global sip configuration

Answer: E Explanation:

Symmetric and Asymmetric Calls

Cisco UBE supports dynamic payload type negotiation and interworking for all symmetric and asymmetric payload type combinations. A call leg on Cisco UBE is considered as symmetric or asymmetric based on the payload type value exchanged during the offer and answer with the endpoint:

  • A symmetric endpoint accepts and sends the same payload type.

  • An asymmetric endpoint can accept and send different payload types.

    The Dynamic Payload Type Interworking for DTMF and Codec Packets for SIP-to-SIP Calls feature is enabled by default for a symmetric call. An offer is sent with a payload type based on the dial-peer configuration. The answer is sent with the same payload type as was received in the incoming offer. When the payload type values negotiated during the signaling are different, the Cisco UBE changes the Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP) payload value in the VoIP to RTP media path.

    To support asymmetric call legs, you must enable The Dynamic Payload Type Interworking for DTMF and Codec Packets for SIP-to-SIP Calls feature. The dynamic payload type value is passed across the call legs, and the RTP payload type interworking is not required. The RTP payload type handling is dependent on the endpoint receiving them.

    Configuring global SIP asymmetric payload support.


    Router(conf-serv-sip)# asymmetric payload full

    The dtmf and dynamic-codecs keywords are internally mapped to the full keyword to provide asymmetric payload type support for audio and video codecs, DTMF, and NSEs.

    Question No: 117 – (Topic 1)

    A Cisco Unified CM administrator configured the phone VPN for the remote users. The remote users cannot see their missed calls. Which two configurations changes fix this problem? (Choose two)

    1. Enable Log Missed Calls in the phone line in Cisco Unified CM.

    2. Configure a Log Server in the Common Phone profile in Cisco Unified CM.

    3. Configure the webvpn-attributes in the Cisco ASA tunnel group.

    4. Enable Password Persistence in the VPN profile in Cisco Unified CM.

    5. Configure an Alternate TFTP in the remote phone.

    Answer: B,E

    Question No: 118 – (Topic 1)

    Refer to the exhibit.

    Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

    How many failed token password attempts have occurred on this Cisco CTL client?

    1. 4

    2. 9

    3. 14

    4. 19

    5. 24

    Answer: C

    Question No: 119 – (Topic 1)

    A UCCX manager is monitoring several groups and has added a new team for the finance department. The manager can monitor all team members except those that have just been added in the finance department.

    Which UCCX administration steps can resolve the issue?

    1. Wizardsgt; RmCm Wizards gt; Modify existing service queue

    2. Subsystemgt; RmCmgt; Resources

    3. Subsystemgt; RmCmgt; Contact service queue

    4. Subsystemgt; Teamgt; Assign supervisor and contact service queue

    5. Toolsgt; User managementgt; Agent capability view

    Answer: B

    Question No: 120 – (Topic 1)

    A Collaboration engineer implemented Cisco EMCC between Cisco Unified CM clusters. The administrator has configured the bulk certificate management and exported the certificates to the SFTP server. After importing the certificates into each of the clusters, the administrator tested Cisco EMCC on a phone, but received “Login is unavailable (208)”.

    Which two steps resolve this error? (Choose two)

    1. Update the cluster IDs so that they are unique in the EMCC network.

    2. Enable the Allow Proxy service parameter on both clusters.

    3. Restart the Cisco CallManager and Cisco Tomcat Servers.

    4. Associate a user device profile for the user in the remote cluster.

    5. Consolidate the exported certificates and reimport into each cluster.

    Answer: C,E

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