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August 9, 2018

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CCIE Collaboration (v1.1)

Question No: 271 – (Topic 1)

Which three components are required when configuring the Cisco Unified Communications Manager for time-of-day routing? (Choose three.)

  1. Partition

  2. Time Period

  3. Time Schedule

  4. Time Zone

  5. Date Time Group

Answer: A,B,C

Question No: 272 – (Topic 1)

During a Cisco Connection extension greeting, callers can press a single key to be transferred to a specific extension. However, callers report that the system does not process the call immediately after pressing the key.

Which action resolves this issue?

  1. Reduce Caller Input timeout in Cisco Unity Connection Service Parameters.

  2. Lower the timer Wait for Additional Digits on the Caller input page.

  3. Enable Ignore Additional Input on the Edit Caller input page for the selected key.

  4. Enable Prepend Digits to Dialled Extensions and configure complete extension number on the Edit Caller input page for the selected key.

  5. Reduce Caller input timeout in Cisco Unity Connection Enterprise Parameters.

Answer: C

Question No: 273 – (Topic 1)

Refer to the exhibit.

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

A CISCO collaboration engineer is troubleshooting a gateway and gatekeeper problem and sees this output from a debug command. Which two configurations can cause this problem? (Choose two)

  1. The same zone prefix is configured in two different gatekeepers.

  2. The same H323-ID is configured in two different gateways.

  3. The same gw-type-prefix is configured in two different zone subnets IDs.

  4. The same zone subnet ID is configured in two different gatekeepers.

  5. The same E164-ID is configured in two different gateways.

Answer: B,E

Question No: 274 – (Topic 1)

A jabber for window user is on a call with Cisco Telepresence EX90 endpoint at the same location.

During the call, the video on the jabber for Windows application was quality but the video on the EX90 was choppy and slow. When the administration checked the service rate on the EX90, it showed 2048 KBps. Which two configuration changes can fix this problem?

  1. Lower the bit rate in the region configuration in communication manager between the endpoints.

  2. Increase the location bandwidth for immersive video between the endpoints.

  3. Enable BFCP in the SIP profile for the jabber client.

  4. Enable H.263 on the EX90.

  5. Replace the camera for the jabber user with the precision HD USB camera.

  6. Increase the bandwidth between the jabber video client and the EX90.

Answer: B

Question No: 275 – (Topic 1)


Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

A network engineer is testing a new SIP deployment and sees this message. Which two situations cause a cancel message?

  1. The called device did not have call forward setting

  2. SIP session timer header is too small

  3. SIP Min-SE timer header is set to small

  4. SIP Refresher header is set to UAS instead of UAC

  5. Calling user terminated the call

Answer: A,E

Question No: 276 – (Topic 1)

NO: 123

Which two parameters are requested in an Audit Connection message from a Cisco Unified CM to endpoint on a MGCP gateway? (Choose two)

  1. Call ID

  2. Capabilities

  3. Bearer Information

  4. Connection Parameters

  5. Connection Mode

  6. Connection ID

Answer: C,F

Question No: 277 – (Topic 1)

Refer to the exhibit.

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

A n engineer is working with globalization and has these requirements,

  • The ANI to be presented in the E.164 format to the phone on Cisco unified Communications manager

  • Allow redialling from the call history without manually manipulating the digit string

Which three configuration steps in Cisco unified Communications manager are needed to meet this

requirement? (Choose three).

  1. set the prefix digits with 0 and calling number type subscriber

  2. set the calling party transformation pattern with \ 4940.! And discard digits PreAt

  3. set the calling party transformation pattern with \ 4940.! And discard digits PreDot

  4. set the subscriber number prefix with 4940

  5. set the prefix digits with 0 and calling number type national

  6. set the national number prefix with 4940

Answer: A,C,D

Question No: 278 – (Topic 1)

In Cisco Unity Connection, which three configuration dialog boxes can a user assign a search space? (Choose three.)

  1. Routing Rule

  2. Call Handler

  3. Interview Handler

  4. Contacts

  5. Users

  6. Port

  7. Phone System

Answer: A,B,E

Question No: 279 – (Topic 1)

A user is troubleshooting an FXO line on a Cisco IOS router that remains connected even after the call ends. Which three disconnect methods can be configured to fix this problem? (Choose three)

  1. Loop Current Feed Open Signaling Disconnect

  2. Hookflash Duration Signaling Disconnect

  3. CP-TONE Dual Supervisory Disconnect

  4. Power Denial-based Supervisory Disconnect

  5. Ground-start Signaling Disconnect

  6. Tone-based Supervisory Disconnect

Answer: D,E,F

Question No: 280 – (Topic 1)

Refer to the exhibit.

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

A collaboration Engineer using the SHOW EIGRP service-family External-client IOS Command, noticed that a CUCM failed to register as an external SAF Client on a Cisco IOS router named SiteC-CRTR. The engineer has collected snippets of the IOS configuration screenshots and

CUCM trace shown in the exhibit.

What is the reason for the registration failure?

  1. Password mismatch between CUCM and Router SAF configuration.

  2. sf-interface loopback0 command missing under service-family ipv4 autonomous-system 1.

  3. SIP trunk IP address pointing to a different address than SAF Forwarder address.

  4. Name mismatch between SAF Forwarder name info field and external-client name on router.

  5. ip multicast-routing command missing on router configuration.

Answer: B

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