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August 9, 2018

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CCIE Collaboration (v1.1)

Question No: 391 – (Topic 3)

Refer to the exhibit.

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If this SIP call is initiated using delayed offer, which SIP message will UA#1 use to communicate its media capability to UA#2?


  2. 180 Ringing

  3. 200 OK

  4. ACK

  5. RTP Media

Answer: D Explanation:

In the Delayed Offer process, the calling does not send its offer in the SIP INVITE Message. The callee sends the offer within the SDP fields of its answer (SIP 200 OK). The calling answers within the ACK message.

Question No: 392 – (Topic 3)

Which two compression formats for high-definition video have technical content that is

identical to H.264? (Choose two.)

  1. MPEG-4 Part 10

  2. MPEG-4 Part 14

  3. MPEG-2 Part 7

  4. AVC

  5. VC3

  6. VP8

Answer: A,D Explanation:

MPEG-4 Part 10, also known as MPEG-4 AVC (Advanced Video Coding), is actually defined in an identical pair of standards maintained by different organizations, together known as the Joint Video Team (JVT). While MPEG-4 Part 10 is a ISO/IEC standard, it was developed in cooperation with the ITU, an organization heavily involved in broadcast television standards. Since the ITU designation for the standard is H.264, you may see MPEG-4 Part 10 video referred to as either AVC or H.264. Both are valid, and refer to the same standard.

Question No: 393 – (Topic 3)

Which SIP response is considered a final response?

  1. 183 Session in Progress

  2. 199 Early Dialog Terminated

  3. 200 OK

  4. 180 Ringing

  5. 100 Trying

Answer: C Explanation:

200 OK Indicates the request was successful. Whether other options state the request is still in progress or request is initiated.

Question No: 394 – (Topic 3)

Which element was added to H.225 messages to enable Fast Connect in H.323 version 2?

  1. fastStart

  2. fastConnect

  3. H.245 PDU

  4. User-User Information

  5. Connection Information

Answer: A Explanation:

Fast start allows for H323 media connections to be started at the beginning of a call. This is helpful for ringback scenarios, and also reduces the amount of time calls take to establish media. H245 is still negotiated later, but the actual media can be done earlier through H225 messages.

Question No: 395 – (Topic 3)

Which procedure uses H.225 messages to exchange H.245 Master-Salve Determination information?

  1. H.323 Fast Connect

  2. H.245 tunneling

  3. H.225 tunneling

  4. H.323 early media

  5. H.245 terminal capability set

Answer: B Explanation:

The H.245 protocol is a media control protocol that is a part of H.323 protocol suite. The

H.245 protocol is used primarily to negotiate master-slave relationship between communicating endpoints. These endpoints exchange terminal capabilities and logical channel manipulations (open, close, modify).The H.245 messages can be encapsulated and carried between H.225 controlled endpoints within H.225 messages. This way of quot;piggy-backingquot; an H.245 message to H.225 message is referred to as H245 Tunneling.

The H.245 Tunneling method is optional and negotiable between communicating H.323 endpoints. If both endpoints support this option, usually the H.245 Media Controlled messages are exchanged via the Tunneling method.

Question No: 396 – (Topic 3)

To which SIP response class do the SIP response codes 300 to 399 belong?

  1. Provisional

  2. Client Failure

  3. Server Failure

  4. Successful

  5. Redirection

Answer: E Explanation:

Redirection – further action needs to be taken in order to complete the request. That is what this class implies.

Question No: 397 – (Topic 3)

Refer to the exhibit.

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You received this debug output to troubleshoot a Cisco IOS MGCP gateway problem at a customer site. Which statement about this endpoint on the Cisco MGCP gateway is true?

  1. This endpoint is on a T1 Controller 0/1/0.

  2. This endpoint is on an E1 Controller 0/1/0.

  3. This endpoint is on a T1 Controller 0/1/1.

  4. This endpoint is on an E1 Controller 0/1/2.

  5. This endpoint is on an T1 Controller 0/1/2.

Answer: A Explanation:

The s0/Su1/DS1-0 refers to the slot and port information (0/1/0). It is also a DS1 as shown by this output, which means it is a T1 not an E1.

Question No: 398 – (Topic 3)

In a SIP REFER-based call transfer, which SIP message is being used by the recipient to notify the originator that the final recipient was successfully contacted?

  1. 200 OK

  2. NOTIFY with a message body of 200 OK

  3. 202 Accepted

  4. 100 Trying

  5. 200 BYE

Answer: B Explanation:

The Refer method always begins within the context of an existing call and starts with the originator. The originator sends a Refer request to the recipient (user agent receiving the Refer request) to initiate a triggered Invite request. The triggered Invite request uses the SIP URL contained in the Refer-To header as the destination of the Invite request. The recipient then contacts the resource in the Refer-To header (final-recipient), and returns a SIP 202 (Accepted) response to the originator. The recipient also must notify the originator of the outcome of the Refer transaction-whether the final-recipient was successfully or unsuccessfully contacted. The notification is accomplished using the Notify Method, SIP’s event notification mechanism. A Notify message with a message body of SIP 200 OK indicates a successful transfer, while a body of SIP 503 Service Unavailable indicates an unsuccessful transfer. If the call was successful, a call between the recipient and the final-recipient results.

Question No: 399 – (Topic 3)

Which two types of devices on Cisco Unified Communications Manager support iSAC? (Choose two.)

  1. MGCP

  2. SIP

  3. SCCP

  4. Music on Hold server

E. H.323

Answer: B,C Explanation:

iSAC-Internet Speech Audio Codec (iSAC) is an adaptive wideband audio codec, specially designed to deliver wideband sound quality with low delay in both low and medium-bit rate applications. Using an adaptive bit rate of between 10 and 32 kb/s, iSAC provides audio quality approaching that of G.722 while using less than half the bandwidth. In deployments with significant packet loss, delay, or jitter, such as over a WAN, iSAC audio quality is superior to that of G.722 due to its robustness. iSAC is supported for SIP and SCCP devices. The Cisco Unified Communications Manager IP Voice Media Streaming App (IPVMSApp), which includes Media Termination Point, Conference Bridge, Music on Hold Server, and Annunciator does not support iSAC. MGCP devices are not supported.

Question No: 400 – (Topic 3)

Refer to the exhibit.

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

Which DTMF relay method is advertised when the originating SIP gateway sends an INVITE message with a Call-Info header shown?

  1. RFC 2833




  5. In-band audio

Answer: C Explanation:

You can develop user-specific applications that reside on your network entity and have the ability to subscribe for event services supported by the IMG. If the network entity wants the ability to detect an entered DTMF digit (only telephone event of “###” are currently supported) from the TDM-side of a call to the IP side of a call, the entity can subscribe to the IMG for these events and receive SIP NOTIFY events containing the digit event.

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