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August 11, 2018

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CCIE Data Center (v2.0)

Question No: 261 – (Topic 3)

You are setting up an ACI spine-leaf architecture and interconnecting the spine switches with the leaf switches. Which description of what happens after initial setup to activate these interlinks is true?

  1. The interlinks are Layer 2 connections and only the allowed VLAN list must be added.

  2. An overlay is created automatically, which creates a setup where the uplinks do not need to managed automatically.

  3. Fabric path must be configured on the interlinks.

  4. The Links are creating a Layer 3 network, and all links must be configured as point-to- point links.

Answer: B

Question No: 262 – (Topic 3)

Which option lists valid configuration commands to help identify packet flow for ingress and egress IP packets and provide statistics based on packet flow when configuring a Cisco Nexus Device via the CLI?

  1. Flow Record, Flow Exporter, Flow Monitor

  2. sFlow Record, sFlow Exporter, sFlow Monitor

  3. NetFlow Record, NetFlow Exporter, NetFlow

  4. IPFix Record, IPFix Exporter, IPFix Monitor

Answer: A

Question No: 263 – (Topic 3)

Which option is the best practice recommendation for Spanning tree configuration in a vPC environment?

  1. Disable rapid PVST or MST on all switches in the Layer 2 domain to avoid slow STP convergence

  2. Disable the BPDU filter on the edge devices to avoid BPDU propagation

  3. Disable Bridge Assurance feature on vPC links.

  4. Disable Portfast (edge port typE. on host-facing interfaces to avoid slow STP convergence

Answer: C

Question No: 264 – (Topic 3)

Which statement about IP-directed broadcast is true?

  1. When a directed broadcast packet reaches a switch that is directly connected to its destination subnet, that packet is 鈥渆xploded鈥?as a broadcast on the destination subnet

  2. An IP-directed broadcast is an IP packet whose destination address is a valid unicast address, but which originates from a node that is itself part of that destination subnet

  3. All switches in the network forward an IP-directed broadcast in the same way they forward unicast IP packets

  4. An IP-directed broadcast is a packet whose destination address is a multicast group to send the packet to a group of hosts in a local or remote network

Answer: A

Question No: 265 – (Topic 3)

Refer to the exhibit.

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

Using which method is the host with MAC address (002a.6a5c0d44) learned?

  1. Local physical port

  2. Remote FabricPath mode

  3. Remote VTEP

  4. Remote router running NVE

  5. Local SVI

Answer: C

Question No: 266 – (Topic 3)

Refer to the exhibit.

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

You attempt to login into APIC, you receive this response. Which statement is true?

  1. You must set the APIC-cookie to a value of 鈥渟essionId鈥?

  2. This is a successful login, and you encrypted your password in the 鈥渢oken鈥?attribute using the SHA1 algorithm.

  3. You must set the APIC-cookie to a value of 鈥渢oken鈥?

  4. Your session cookie expires in 5 minutes.

Answer: B

Question No: 267 – (Topic 3)

How is the virtual IP for an ACI VPC domain assigned?

  1. By DHCP using the default management network

  2. No virtual IP is available for VPC peers on ACI

  3. Manually by the admin

  4. By DHCP using the infrastructure VLAN

Answer: D

Question No: 268 – (Topic 3)

Which state is the optimal health state for an APIC cluster?

  1. In service

  2. Fully sync’d

  3. In-sync

  4. Fully-fit

Answer: D

Question No: 269 – (Topic 3)

You are configuring an ACI Fabric with Layer 3 out connectivity. You want to allow traffic to transverse from one external EPG to another external EPG, or alternatively to another inter EPG. Which option must be configured to permit the packets between these two EPGs, assuming the subnet is already being advertised correctly


  1. Aggregate Export

  2. Export Route Control

  3. Import Route Control

  4. Aggregate Import

  5. Security import Subnet

Answer: E

Question No: 270 – (Topic 3)

Which two types of traffic are consolidated using Cisco unified Fabric? (Choose two)

  1. video traffic

  2. InfiniBand traffic

  3. SAN storage traffic

  4. voice traffic

  5. network traffic

Answer: C,E

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