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August 11, 2018

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CCIE Service Provider Written Exam (V 4.1)

Question No: 111

IS-IS is deployed in a service provider network with more than 500 routers using the default IS-IS metric-style. The service provider must implement MPLS TE support with lesser service impact during the migration period. Which Cisco IOS command meets this requirements?

  1. Metric-style narrow wide

  2. Metric-style wide

  3. Metric-style wide transition

  4. Metric-style narrow transition

Answer: C

Question No: 112

What is the purpose of Route Target Constraint?

  1. A new Route Target definition is specified in RFC 4684. The Syntax differs from old syntax. The old syntax is a waste of processing power on the Route Reflector and PE and is waste of bandwidth.

  2. Route Targets are not attached to the VPNv4 or VPNv6 prefixes. Instead of using route targets, Route Distinguishers used to import and export VPNv4 and VPNv6 prefixes to and from VRFs.

  3. Route Reflectors send only wanted VPNv4 or VPNv6 prefixes. quot;Wantedquot; means the PE has VRF importing the specific prefixes.

  4. The Route Targets are constrained to one Autonomous System. The ASBR router strip all of the Route Target information that is contained in the VPNv4 or VPNv6 prefixes.

Answer: C

Question No: 113

A service provider is using Cisco ME 3400 Series Ethernet Access Switches on the edge of a Metro Ethernet POP. A customer has a requirement to connect a switch to the network and requires the ability to trunk VLANs on the uplink port into the provider network. Which port type should the engineer configure on the switch to meet this requirement while maintaining a secure edge implementation?

  1. UNI

  2. ENI

  3. NNI

  4. Access

Answer: C

Question No: 114

A service provider has a requirement to prevent and prevent spoofing attacks by verifying the reachability of the sources address in a packet that is forwarded into its network. Which method must be the service provider use?

  1. CoPP

  2. iACL

  3. uRPF

  4. RTBH

Answer: C

Question No: 115

Which component does NSF rely on to ensure that interfaces remain up during switchover and that lower layer protocol state is maintained?

  1. SSO

  2. BFD

  3. IP FRR

  4. LFA

Answer: A

Question No: 116

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

Refer to the exhibit. A network engineer has a requirement to enable MPLS TE tunnels on the network to be L3VPN customers. Which MPLS TE feature allow the network engineer to configure MPLS TE LSPs by using a few CLI commands?

  1. AutoTunnel Mesh Groups on all P and PE routers

  2. AutoTunnel Primary and Backup on all PE routers

  3. AutoTunnel Primary and Backup on all P and PE routers

  4. AutoTunnel Mesh Groups on all PE routers

Answer: D

Question No: 117

A service provider has a requirements to deploy a virtual router in its network to handle high-performance data plane service up to 20Gbps. Which Cisco solution fulfills this requirement?

  1. Cisco 7600

  2. Cisco ASR 9000

  3. Cisco NCS 6000

  4. Cisco CSR 1000v

  5. Cisco nexus 9000v

Answer: B

Question No: 118

A client has an MPLS inter-AS implementation that is required to have QoS deployed between ASBRs based on IP packet. At the same time, the client requires minimization of the routing configuration between ASBRs for better scalability. Which MPLS inter-AS option can achieve this goal?

  1. Option A

  2. Option B

  3. Option C

  4. Option AB

Answer: D

Question No: 119

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

Refer to the exhibit. Which BGP configuration must be applied to make PE3 use both BGP entries in the Cisco Express Forwarding table?

  1. On PE1,apply nexto-hop-self on both PE2 and PE3 neighbors configuration

  2. On the CE, apply bgp add-path on both PE1 and PE2 neighbors configuration

  3. On PE1, apply route-reflect-client on both PE2 and PE3 neighbors configuration

  4. On PE2, apply bgp advertise-best-external on the PE3 neighbor configuration

Answer: D

Question No: 120

In multicast Inter-AS VPN context, which BGP attribute should you use to overcome the Option B limitation due to a rewritten originator next-hop address in the network.

  1. weight

  2. originator

  3. connector

  4. AS Path

Answer: C

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