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September 1, 2018

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Implementing Cisco Service Provider Mobility CDMA Networks (SPCDMA)

Question No: 31

Which statement is correct when #39;domain cisco.com default subscriber cisco.com#39; is configured on the Cisco ASR 5000 PDSN?

  1. Subscribers with domain alias #39;cisco.com#39; are assigned to subscriber template #39;cisco.com#39;

  2. Subscribers with domain alias #39;cisco.com#39; are assigned to subscriber template #39;default#39;

  3. Subscribers with default domain alias are assigned to subscriber template #39;cisco.com#39;

  4. Subscribers with any domain aliases except #39;cisco.com#39; are rejected on the PDSN

Answer: A

Question No: 32

What UDP port is used between PCF and PDSN for the A11 interface by default?

A. 699

B. 400

C. 3868

D. 1812

Answer: A

Question No: 33

What does the Cisco ASR 5000 PDSN do when subscriber#39;s authentication is not found in subscriber#39;s domain alias in source/AAA context?

  1. PDSN rejects the call with Admin Prohibited

  2. PDSN selects AAA subscriber default in the context

  3. PDSN rejects the call with Insufficient Resources

  4. PDSN proceeds without authentication

Answer: B

Question No: 34

Which message is sent from the PDSN to the AAA server to indicate a new subscriber data session?

  1. Accounting-Request with Acct-Status-Type = Start

  2. Accounting-Request with Acct-Status-Type = Request

  3. Accounting-Request with Acct-Status-Type = Open

  4. Accounting-Request with Acct-Status-Type = Access

Answer: A

Question No: 35

What message and interface are used by PCF to establish a new data session on the PDSN?

  1. Registration Request over A11

  2. Registration Request over AAA

  3. Access Request over A11

  4. Access Request over AAA

Answer: A

Question No: 36

Which node performs the EAP authentication function in eHRPD?

  1. 3GPP AAA

  2. aAN/ePCF

  3. 3GPP2 AAA

  4. HSGW

Answer: D

Question No: 37

What is the signaling interface between the EPC MME and the evolved HRPD Access Network (eAN/ePCF)?

  1. S103

  2. X2

  3. S101

  4. H1

  5. A10

  6. A11

Answer: C

Question No: 38

Which reference point connects the PCRF in the 3GPP EPC to the HSGW in the 3GPP2 eHRPD access network?

  1. Pi

  2. A101

  3. Gxa

  4. STa

  5. S2a

  6. A11

Answer: C

Question No: 39

What two protocols are used by the HSGW to provide IPv4 address and IPv4 parameter configuration during PDN connection establishment? (Choose two.)

  1. VSNCP

  2. DHCPv4

  3. DNS

  4. VSNP

  5. DHCPv6

  6. TCP

Answer: A,B

Question No: 40

Which reference point is defined as S103?

  1. SGW and PGW

  2. PGW and HSGW

  3. HSGW and MME

  4. HSGW and SGW

Answer: D

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