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September 2, 2018

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Designing Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCED)

Question No: 31

With Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise, what is the maximum number of skill groups in a Cisco Finesse Queue gadget?

A. 100

  1. 15

  2. 50

  3. 20

Answer: C

Question No: 32

Which type of MTP is supported with Cisco Unified Mobile Agent?

  1. MTP Pass-Through

  2. MTP No Pass-Through

  3. MTP Pass-Around

  4. MTP No Pass-Around

Answer: B

Question No: 33

Which three WAN/MAN configurations are valid in the Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise clustering over the WAN deployment model? (Choose three.)

  1. A highly available visible network WAN/MAN/DWDM and a dedicated private network WAN.

  2. A highly available MPLS WAN shared by the visible and private networks with a 2 second convergence time.

  3. A highly available MPLS WAN shared by the visible and private networks where the private network is pinned to a single path and the visible network aligned to an alternate path failing to the private network path as redundant link with QoS and bandwidth provisioning.

  4. A highly available DWDM/CWDM network shared by the visible and private networks with a sub-500 ms convergence time.

  5. All traffic is converged on a single MPLS network by using appropriate QoS markings and settings to ensure latency and bandwidth requirements.

  6. A highly available DWDM/CWDM network shared by the visible and private networks with 1500 ms convergence time.

Answer: A,C,D

Question No: 34

Which two statements about a Contact Center Enterprise solution in virtualized environment are true? (Choose two.)

  1. UCS B/C series NIC teaming is supported.

  2. 10/100 NIC speeds are supported.

  3. Gigabit Ethernet Auto Negotiation is optional for NIC and switch.

  4. 802.1Q uplinks to VMware hosts must not be configured for host/edge spanning-tree forwarding.

Answer: A,C

Question No: 35

Which three benefits does a Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise centralized deployment with small agents branch provide? (Choose three.)

  1. It requires only a small data switch and router, IP phones, and agent desktops at remote sites for a few agents.

  2. It requires only limited system and network management skills at remote sites.

  3. Small remote branches require PSTN and SIP trunks, in addition to the ones needed for local POTS lines for emergency services (911) in the event of a WAN link loss.

  4. PSTN trunks for incoming traffic connect to data centers for efficiency.

  5. It does not use VoIP WAN bandwidth when an agent is answering the call.

  6. Calls extend over the WAN only while calls are in queue.

Answer: A,B,D

Question No: 36

In the congestion control feature of Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise, which four options handle the calls that are to be throttled? (Choose four.)

  1. Treat the call with Dialed Number Default Label.

  2. Queue the call and play a message, then release the call.

  3. Treat the call with System Default Label.

  4. Terminate the call with a Dialog Fail or RouteEnd.

  5. Transfer calls to an available IVR port.

  6. Send a Release Message to the routing client.

  7. Offer Courtesy Callback to the caller, then terminate the call.

  8. Transfer the call to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager hunt group.

Answer: A,C,D,F

Question No: 37

Which four functional limitations are Whisper Announcements subject to? (Choose four.)

  1. Announcements do not play for outbound calls made by an agent.

  2. For a Whisper Announcement to work with agent-to-agent calls, use the SendToVRU or TranslationRouteToVRU node after you send the call to the agent.

  3. Announcements do not play when the router selects the agent through a label node.

  4. CVP Transfers do not support Whisper Announcements.

  5. Whisper Announcements do not support Silent Monitoring.

  6. Only one announcement can play for each call.

  7. While an announcement plays, you cannot put the call on hold, transfer, or conference; release the call; or request supervisor assistance.

  8. Whisper Announcements are not supported in a Mobile Agent deployment.

Answer: A,C,F,G

Question No: 38

The Cisco Finesse supervisor features extend the agent desktop with additional gadgets. Which threeadditional features are provided? (Choose three.)

  1. team performance gadget to view agent status

  2. queue statistics gadget to view queue (skill group) statistics for the supervisor#39;s queues

  3. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Remote Silent Monitoring

  4. barge-in and intercept

  5. gadget to park calls

  6. transcoder gadget for recording

Answer: A,B,D

Question No: 39

In a Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise deployment, which two options are the roles of the Administration amp; Data Servers? (Choose two.)

  1. administration server

  2. real-time data server

  3. analytical server

  4. recording server

  5. static server

  6. performance server

Answer: A,B

Question No: 40

Which two primary factors affect bandwidth sizing between a Cisco Unified Intelligence Center server andclient? (Choose two.)

  1. number of historical reports the user is running concurrently

  2. number of concurrent agents logged on to Cisco Unified Intelligence Center

  3. number of historical database servers in the deployment

  4. number of real-time reports the user is running concurrently

  5. total ECC variables in bytes

Answer: A,D

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