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January 28, 2018

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IBM Tivoli Process Automation Engine V7.5 Implementation

Question No: 211 – (Topic 3)

Which statement about the Application Server security configuration is correct?

  1. User passwords are held in the maxuser table.

  2. Users are completely authenticated by the Tivoli process automation engine (Tpae).

  3. Application Server security is one of two options to manage Tpae authentication.

  4. Users and groups must be imported using the Idapsync or vmmsync cron tasks when Application Server security is enabled.

Answer: C

Question No: 212 – (Topic 3)

Location types are found in which type of domain?





Answer: D

Question No: 213 – (Topic 3)

An item set is required to generate data records. What are two of the records? (Choose two.)

  1. People

  2. Assets

  3. Locations

  4. Item Master

  5. Organizations

Answer: D,E

Question No: 214 – (Topic 3)

For a specific report to be available to be run by any user within a security group, which security setting must be enabled on the report?

  1. Groupsecurity

  2. Report level security

  3. Specific level security

  4. Report Application level security

Answer: B

Question No: 215 – (Topic 3)

Flow action is used in a flow control to define certain actions that should occur while work is being done. The administrator can determine whether the action will take place automatically or will only take place when initiated manually. When the action takes lace automatically, into which status will the work order or task be put by the flow control?

  1. Initiated

  2. Queued

  3. Approved

  4. In Progress

Answer: D

Question No: 216 – (Topic 3)

Which status is valid for a user record?

  1. Create

  2. Locked

  3. Blocked

  4. Remove

Answer: C

Question No: 217 – (Topic 3)

Which task requires the use of admin mode in the Database Configuration application?

  1. Adding a domain to an attribute

  2. Adding a new attributeto an object

  3. Adding a default value to an attribute

  4. Adding a field validation class to an object

Answer: B

Question No: 218 – (Topic 3)

An admin user has created a new Migration Manager package and has selected some MigrationGroups to be included in the package. A valid target has been selected for the package and the package has been created. The status has been changed to Approved. What must be done now to migrate the data to the specified target?

  1. click on the Deploy button

  2. click on the Distribute button

  3. click on the Download the Package button and then upload it into the target environment

  4. make sure that the MMCRON is active because once the Migration Manager package is active it will be migrated automatically using this cron task

Answer: A

Question No: 219 – (Topic 3)

How are both the General Ledger (GL) account code validation and Financial Period validationoptions enabled in the Chart of Accounts application?

  1. check the Deactivate GL Validations box

  2. check the Financial Period and the GL box

  3. uncheck the Deactivate GL Validations box

  4. uncheck the Validate GL and the Period box

Answer: C Explanation:

Which statement about application authorization correctly describes a situation with

combined security groups?

  1. If a user has application authorization but no sites specified, the user can insert or view records for any site.

  2. Conditional access overrides unconditional access where a user belongs to two security groups which have opposing authorizations.

  3. The available options in the Select Action menu and Go To menu depend on the sites assigned to the security groups or organization.

  4. The application authorizations specified for all security groups that are not independent apply to all sites specified for those security groups.

Answer: D

Question No: 220 – (Topic 3)

When the agent saves the service request ticket, the system launches into a Service Request Workflow process and evaluates the data on the record. If the agent has not entered asset, location, or configuration item data, the system displays a dialog box with the following options:

Close ticket – informational call Close ticket – unauthorized caller Close ticket – misdirected call Take no action If an asset, location, or configuration item is specified onthe record, the system displays a dialog box with the following options:

Take Ownership of ticket Assign Ownership of ticket Create Work Order Take no action on this ticket.

Which three Nodes are used in this part of the workflow process? (Choose three.)

  1. Wait

  2. Input

  3. Task

  4. Condition

  5. Interaction

  6. Manual Input

Answer: D,E,F

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