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January 28, 2018

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IBM Tivoli Process Automation Engine V7.5 Implementation

Question No: 91 – (Topic 2)

Actions can perform which three tasks? (Choose three.)

  1. Enable admin mode

  2. Execute a custom class

  3. Poll a communications log

  4. Reset a Web server queue

  5. Initiate an application action

  6. Set the value of afield on a record

Answer: B,E,F

Question No: 92 – (Topic 2)

http://:HOSTNAME/maximo/ui/maximo.jsp?event=loadappamp;value=:APPamp;uniqueid=:OWNE RID

What is the purpose of including this information in a communication template?

  1. This URL will load the primary assigned application for the recipient.

  2. This URL will provide a direct link for the recipient to check their workflow assignments.

  3. This URL will provide a link for the recipient to view any service requests for any owner.

  4. This URL will launch the Start Center of the user who clicks it because it is the default application for all users.

Answer: B

Question No: 93 – (Topic 2)

Which statement is an example of a replacementvariable in a condition expression?

  1. amp;old_lt;attrnamegt;

  2. :owner.id = amp;useramp;

  3. location, description

  4. amp;owneramp;. jobplan.Priority

Answer: B

Question No: 94 – (Topic 2)

The Roles application is accessed through which module?

  1. Security

  2. Administration

  3. Platform Configuration

  4. Database Configuration

Answer: C

Question No: 95 – (Topic 2)

What does the mxe.mbocount property display?

  1. the number ofMaximo business objects (MBOs) created by a user

  2. the number of MBOs created from a query

  3. the number of MBOs created by the server

  4. the number of MBOs created during startup

Answer: C

Question No: 96 – (Topic 2)

What are the four types of communication template recipients?

  1. roles, persons, ticket owners, and workflow owners

  2. roles, persons, person groups, and e-mail addresses

  3. assigned persons, action initiators, supervisors, and system administrators

  4. ticket owners, workflow owners, ticket assignees, and system administrators

Answer: B

Question No: 97 – (Topic 2)

Whichstatement is true related to qualifications as applied to a labor record?

  1. A labor record can have any number of qualifications.

  2. The system requires that only labor records with qualifications can charge time to the task.

  3. All labor records have the same expiration date defined as the date the qualification expires.

  4. When a laborer’s qualification has expired, the labor record can no longer charge time to a work order.

Answer: A

Question No: 98 – (Topic 2)

What is the purpose of the Display Settings icon located at the top of the Start Center page?

  1. It is used to define the font size and type of each text-basedStart Center portlet.

  2. If a user has more than one Start Center page available1 they can select the page to open by default.

  3. On a KPI Graph portlet, Display Settings defines whether the selected [lt;P1 is shown as a gauge or as a bar chart.

  4. It is used to apply colors to rows in the Result Set portlet to highlight set points and implement user-defined standards.

Answer: B

Question No: 99 – (Topic 2)

What is required in order to make a new Currency Code availableto the applications?

  1. A user must make sure that the Active flag is set.

  2. A user must change the status of a Currency Code to Active.

  3. Read rights for each Security Group to this Currency Code must be granted.

  4. A user must define an exchange ratebetween the default Currency Code and a new one.

Answer: A

Question No: 100 – (Topic 2)

Which statement defines an alphanumeric (ALN) domain?

  1. It is a simple list of values that use one of the alphanumeric data types.

  2. It is a dynamic set of alphanumericvalues based on the values of another object.

  3. It is a list of alphanumeric and numeric values retrieved by multiple tables that are defined when a range is specified.

  4. It is a special type of table domain where the system brings back another value (or values) from the specified record.

Answer: A

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