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January 29, 2018

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IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.5 Fundamentals

Question No: 61

Which two statements are true about FIFO cost?

  1. It is associated with inventory balances.

  2. It is associated with quantities and receipt dates.

  3. It is used when the standard cost is greater than the average cost.

  4. It is used when it is necessary to issue oldest receipted items in stock first.

  5. It is used when the receipt cost of items that are the newest in stock are considered.

Answer: C,D

Question No: 62

Which three status codes are valid in an assignment?

  1. WAPPR






Answer: A,C,E

Question No: 63

What is the term assigned for each step in a work plan?

  1. Task

  2. Child

  3. Relationship

  4. Work Order

Answer: A

Question No: 64

When can an invoice be created from the Labor Reporting application?

  1. When the labor is approved.

  2. When the work order is approved.

  3. When the labor is waiting approval.

  4. When the work order is completed.

Answer: D

Question No: 65

Which statement is true when working with condition codes?

  1. Only one condition code can be used per item set.

  2. Condition codes are not considered when an item is issued.

  3. A condition rate of 100% must exist for at least one condition code.

  4. Condition codes can only be associated with an item in the Item Master application.

Answer: C

Question No: 66

To schedule labor using Assignment Manager, what must be specified on the person record in the People Application?

  1. Nothing

  2. Ashift only

  3. Acalendar only

  4. Acalendar and a shift

Answer: D

Question No: 67

Which two fields are mandatory when creating a new labor reporting transaction?

  1. Type

  2. Asset

  3. Vendor

  4. Location

  5. Regular Hours

Answer: A,E

Question No: 68

How is the description field updated on a work order when a route is applied?

  1. If the route stop has no description, the first job plan task becomes the description.

  2. If the route stop has a description, the route description becomes the work order description.

  3. If the route stop has a description and refers to an asset, the route description becomes the asset description.

  4. If the route stop has no description and refers to an asset, the route description becomes the route stop description.

Answer: B

Question No: 69

When a location#39;s status is changed to Decommissioned, what happens with preventive maintenance (PM) records associated with the location?

  1. PM#39;s cannot be associated to the location.

  2. Set PMs to inactive for location from the Select Actions menu.

  3. Nothing happens because a PM can be active in a decommissioned location.

  4. Check the appropriate check box in the Change Status dialog box of the Locations application so all PM#39;s are set to Inactive.

Answer: D

Question No: 70

Which two options are available when choosing to e-mail scheduled reports from the Request page?

  1. Recurring

  2. Immediate

  3. Scheduled

  4. On-Demand

  5. At this Time

Answer: A,D

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