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June 26, 2018

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VMware Certified Professional 7 – Desktop and Mobility Exam

Question No: 51

An Access Policy is configured to do what activity in VMware Identity Manager?

  1. Determine access to the Identity Manager Administration interface.

  2. Provide secure access to the users’ apps portal and to launch the Web application.

  3. Provide secure access for the VMware Identity Manager Connector service.

  4. Determine which Active Directory groups are to be synchronized with the VMware Identity Manager Connector service.

Answer: B Explanation:

Referencehttp://pubs.vmware.com/vidm-24/index.jsp#com.vmware.wsp- administrator_24/GUID-04224060-D467-4DE0-BB08-B21E0AA9817D.html

Question No: 52

Which two operating systems are supported when creating a master image for instant clones? (Choose two.)

  1. Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2

  2. Microsoft Windows 8.1

  3. Microsoft Windows 10

  4. Microsoft Windows 7

Answer: C,D Explanation:


/vmware-horizon-view-instant-clone-technology.pdf(page 18)

Question No: 53

What are three valid options for writable volumes? (Choose three.)

  1. Limit the attachment of users’ writables to specific computers.

  2. Attach volume on next login or reboot.

  3. Delay writable creation for group/OU members until they log in.

  4. Attach volume immediately.

  5. Prevent user login if the writable is in use on another computer.

Answer: A,C,E Explanation:


210/index.jsp?topic=/com.vmware.appvolumes.user.doc/GUID-BF446318-00B8- 4D3A-A7DE-AF21604FE3DB.html

Question No: 54

Support operations can be performed for what scenario while using the User Environment Manager Helpdesk Support Tool?

  1. Support operations can be performed on multiple users.

  2. Support operations can be done only for a specific user.

  3. Support operations can create profile archive backups.

  4. Support operations can be performed only on Active Directory users and groups.

Answer: B

Question No: 55

What are two minimum requirements for App Volumes 2.x Manager? (Choose two.)

  1. 2 vCPU

  2. .Net Framework 3.5

  3. 4 vCPU

  4. 8GB RAM

Answer: A,B

Question No: 56

A VMware Mirage administrator is trying to avoid a nagging popup that disrupts deployment automation scripts for every desktop that they deploy into the environment.

Which task would most effectively assist the administrator?

  1. Turn on Branch Reflectors by clickingAlways Use Branch Reflector, underSystem Configuration gt; Settings gt; Branch Reflectormenu.

  2. Turn on CVD Auto Creation by clickingEnable automatic CVD creation, underSystem Configuration gt; Settings gt; CVD Auto Creationmenu.

  3. Show the Mirage status by right-clicking the Mirage icon and selectingShow Status.

  4. Add the VMware Mirage server address and port to the Mirage Client.

Answer: A

Question No: 57

Which PowerCLI Execution Policy is required, at a minimum. to run scripts in the VMware Mirage PowerCLI interface?

  1. Unrestricted

  2. AllSigned

  3. RemoteSigned

  4. Undefined

Answer: D Explanation:

Referencehttps://blogs.vmware.com/PowerCLI/2011/06/back-to-basics-part-1-installing- powercli.html

Question No: 58

Which three tools are recommended to analyze End User Requirements for performance before implementing View? (Choose three.)

  1. Wireshark PCoIP protocol assessment

  2. Lakeside SysTrack Desktop Assessment for VMware

  3. Nmap display protocol port analysis

  4. Liquid Labs Stratusphere FIT assessment

  5. VMware’s free SysTrack Desktop Assessment

Answer: C,D,E

Question No: 59

Support for AppStacks with physical endpoints is available with which three constraints? (Choose three.)

  1. The workstation has a wired network connection.

  2. The workstation has a wired or wireless network connection.

  3. The operating system on the workstation is streamed or non-persistent.

  4. The AppStack can be delivered either as a VHD or VMDK.

  5. The AppStack is delivered by VHD In-Guest mode.

Answer: A,C,E Explanation:

Referencehttp://pubs.vmware.com/appvolumes- 212/index.jsp?topic=/com.vmware.appvolumes.user.doc/GUID-ECBA6010-6519- 4750-80BC-084C6232BC08.html

Question No: 60

Which two User Environment Manager condition settings can help determine if the user has a laptop? (Choose two.)

  1. It is running on battery.

  2. It has a wireless card.

  3. It has a trackpad.

  4. It has a battery.

Answer: A,C

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