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VMware Certified Associate- Network Virtualization

Question No: 81

Which two statements describe the network connectivity provided by a vSphere Standard Switch (vSS)? (Choose two.)

  1. A vSS provides a direct and logical connection between a virtual machine NIC and a physical NIC.

  2. A vSS provides a direct and logical connection between two vSphere Distributed Switches.

  3. A vSS connects the vNIC of a virtual machine to the physical network based on the bandwidth of the VM#39;s configured network adapter.

  4. A vSS connects the vNIC of a virtual machine to the physical network and is not restricted to a specific bandwidth allocation based on the VM#39;s configured network adapter.

Answer: A,D

Question No: 82

Which two vSphere components are required for NSX? (Choose two.)

  1. Standard vSwitch

  2. Network I/O Control

  3. Distributed Port Group

  4. VMkernel port

Answer: C,D

Question No: 83

A Distributed Router and an NSX Edge Gateway are connected to a Logical Switch with a VNI of 7321. Both also have connections to the external network.The Distributed Router serves as the default gateway for the virtual machines in VNI 7321.

A vSphere administrator does not want to advertise the subnet in VNI 7321 to the rest of the network, but still wants to allow virtual machines in the segment to access external resources.

What two steps should the vSphere administrator take to achieve this? (Choose two)

  1. Make the NSX Edge Gateway the default gateway for VNI 7321.

  2. Configure a SNAT rule for VNI 7321 on the NSX Edge Gateway.

  3. Configure a static route to the NSX Edge Gateway in the upstream router.

  4. Create an inbound Access Control List on the Distributed Router.

Answer: A,B

Question No: 84

– Exhibit –

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

– Exhibit –

The diagrams show two possible physical network architectures. Each architecture provides a means in dealing with the pictured failure.

Which architecture provides the highest degree of connectivity in the event of the pictured failure?

  1. Both designs will provide the same percentage of connectivity in times of failure.

  2. Neither design is properly architected to work around the displayed failure.

  3. Diagram A#39;s architecture will provide the highest percentage of connectivity in times of failure.

  4. Diagram B#39;s architecture will provide the highest percentage of connectivity in times of failure.

Answer: D

Question No: 85

Where is the net-vdr command used?

  1. ESXi host

  2. NSX Controller

  3. NSX Edge

  4. vSphere Management Assistant (vMA)

Answer: A

Question No: 86

What is the packet size of the VXLAN standard test packet when using the Ping test on the logical switches?

A. 1500

B. 1550

C. 1575

D. 1600

Answer: B

Question No: 87

High Availability (HA) was not initially configured when an administrator deployed an NSX Edge Service Gateway. What should the administrator do to configure the NSX Edge with HA?

  1. Select the NSX Edge instance from the NSX Edges view in Networking amp; Security. Go to Managegt; Settingsgt; Configuration and add a NSX Edge appliance.

  2. Delete the NSX Edge instance and redeploy it with HA. The existing NSX Edge configuration data will be lost.

  3. Delete the NSX Edge instance and redeploy it with HA. The configuration data is retained by NSX Manager and pushed to the new NSX Edge instance.

  4. Select the NSX Edge appliance from the Virtual Machines and Templates view. Go to Actionsgt; All vCenter Actionsgt; Enable HA to configure High Availability.

Answer: A

Question No: 88

What is a requirement of the physical network for VXLAN to operate correctly when deploying NSX for vSphere?

  1. Configure Jumbo Frames.

  2. Configure PIM in Sparse or Dense mode.

  3. Multichassis Link Aggregation (MLAG) on the Top of Rack switches.

  4. IPv4 enabled in the local segment where the VTEPs are connected.

Answer: A

Question No: 89

Where are the distributed NSX firewall decisions logged?

  1. NSX Manager

  2. vCenter Server

  3. NSX Edge

  4. ESXi host

Answer: D

Question No: 90

An administrator has recently deployed NSX, but is still using a pair of physical network security devices. The administrator wants to use the physical security devices to filter virtual machine traffic hosted in the overlay network.

Which NSX component will provide the connectivity between the overlay and the physical network?

  1. Distributed Firewall

  2. NSX Controller

  3. Edge Services Gateway

  4. Logical Router

Answer: D

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