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VMware Certified Associate – Workforce Mobility (VCA-WM)

Question No: 31

You are interested in maximizing your virtual resources. If possible, you would like to get a list of all of your oversized virtual desktops. How can you accomplish this?

  1. Use the command line and query each ESXi server

  2. Use PowerShell to query vCenter and export the data into Excel

  3. Use vCenter and export the data from the performance charts into Excel

  4. Use vCenter Operations Manager for View

Answer: D


Question No: 32

Which of the following describes a business environment where a VMware Horizon View solution using floating pools could be used?

  1. A design business where users require high performance graphics capabilities

  2. A 24×7 call center where users share equipment and do not need unique user environments

  3. A legal firm where each user#39;s data must be kept securely separated

  4. An engineering firm where users may need large amounts storage for CAD files

Answer: B


Question No: 33

You are planning to migrate each of your Horizon View virtual desktops from Windows XP to Windows 7. Which feature can help minimize the migration time?

  1. View Administrator

  2. vCenter

  3. vCenter Configuration Manager

  4. Horizon Mirage

Answer: D


Question No: 34

What is a characteristic of a Linked Clone?

  1. A Linked Clone takes more creation time than a Full Clone

  2. A Linked Clone can be created from a physical desktop

  3. A Linked Clone can be used to minimize patching and updating of the virtual desktop

  4. A Linked Clone will consume more datastore space than a Full Clone

Answer: C

Reference: security.pdf

Question No: 35

Where is the user#39;s data stored when using Linked Clones with dedicated pools?

  1. On persistent disks

  2. On the operating system disk

  3. Within a RAM disk for improved performance

  4. On the user#39;s desktop

Answer: A

Reference: automated-pools-using-linked-clones/

Question No: 36

You are attending a planning meeting for a Horizon View deployment. Your manager asks you for a definition of quot;Workforce Mobilityquot;. How should you respond?

  1. Workforce Mobility is maintaining the licenses for each software package used within the environment

  2. Workforce Mobility is the process of replacing everyone#39;s physical desktop every 3 years

  3. Workforce Mobility is the process of providing data access regardless of the client platform

  4. Workforce Mobility is the process of granting everyone administrator level access to their virtual desktop

Answer: C


Question No: 37

You are considering deploying Linked Clones in your environment. How are Linked Clones created?

  1. Linked Clones are actually created from scratch

  2. Linked Clones are actually cloned on demand from a reference virtual machine

  3. Linked Clones are deployed from a snapshot of a reference virtual machine

  4. Linked Clones are deployed from a special .ISO image

Answer: C

Reference: 5.2/index.jsp?topic=/com.vmware.appdirector5.2.using.doc/GUID-FA1DAAB7- 2CB7-4BF2-822A-6B49380FF4B7.html

Question No: 38

You are the VMware administrator for a company with a large number of traveling sales representatives who travel to remote isolated areas. Which of the following features is specifically designed to support this environment?

  1. Local Mode

  2. PCoIP

  3. View Storage Accelerator

  4. ThinApp repository

Answer: D

Reference: Videos/media


Question No: 39

What is a dedicated desktop pool?

  1. A pool that is intended to be used by a single department

  2. A pool in which each desktop is assigned to a specific datastore

  3. A pool in which each user is assigned a specific virtual desktop

  4. A pool in which the configuration of each desktop cannot be changed

Answer: C

Reference: 50/index.jsp?topic=/com.vmware.view.administration.doc/GUID-DB1E305D-F9CF-4696- BAB7-7915B0A50DA5.html

Question No: 40

A business has employees in a call center that need access to the same database and call center applications. The business wants to make it easy to deploy, patch and upgrade these applications. Which VMware Horizon feature meets this business need?

  1. Persona Management

  2. Dedicated Pools

  3. Local Mode

  4. Linked Clones

Answer: D


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