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VMware CertifiedAssociate-Cloud (VCA-Cloud)

Question No: 41

While giving a technical presentation on cloud concepts and components, you are asked to define the Sortware-Defined Enterprise. How do you respond?

  1. The Sortware-Defined Enterprise is an architectural approach that uses virtualization to replace all physical components in the data center whilst using local management and

    compliance to deliver infrastructure and Software-as-a-Service components.

  2. The Sortware-Defined Enterprise is an architecture framework designed to fully automate all IT services in all data centers removing the need for human interaction.

  3. The Sortware-Defined Enterprise is an architecture that uses intelligence, automation and common management to provide transparent governance of infrastructure and Software-as-a-Service components.

  4. The Sortware-Defined Enterprise is an Enterprise response to mainstream disorganization of resources in the datacenter that delivers on the promise of interconnected infrastructure and Software-as-a-service.

Answer: C

Question No: 42

You have Site Recovery Manager (SRM) in place to protect critical vCloud servers in the event of a disaster. Over lunch, a manager asks you why SRM is configured to protect only the vCloud servers and not the actual department workload VMs. What do you tell her?

  1. The workload VMs are on fenced networks, which can#39;t be failed over.

  2. SRM can#39;t fail over the workload VMs, but it is a simple matter to restart them once the vCloud servers have failed over.

  3. Workload VM failover is implied when you failover the vCloud infrastructure servers.

  4. vCloud workloads can be migrated with vCloud Director once it has failed over and so are not required to be protected with SRM.

Answer: C

Reference: resiliency-solution/

Question No: 43

Your manager wants an explanation of why your company should move to a Software- Defined Data Center architecture. As part of this presentation, you are describing policy- driven automation.

Which components are enabled by policy-driven automation?

  1. Storage, Compute, Network, and Security

  2. Storage, Compute, Network, and Governance

  3. Security, Compute, and Management

  4. Storage, Compute, and Management

Answer: A

Question No: 44

An administrator is considering a private cloud solution. The solution must allow for a 3 tiered service model for development servers, application servers and business critical servers. What component of a VMware private cloud solution can be used to meet this requirement?

  1. Organizations

  2. Service Catalogs

  3. Virtual Datacenters

  4. Allocation Models

Answer: B

Reference: Whitepaper.pdf (page 3, on-demand services)

Question No: 45

As a consultant at a public cloud provider, you must provide a way of delivering services through a user interface that:

->is specific to the user who logs in.

->delivers services that adhere to the specific Service Level Agreement of that customer.

Which cloud product best meets your requirements?

  1. vCloud Automation Center Advanced Service Designer

  2. vSphere Web Client

  3. vCenter Orchestrator

  4. vCloud Automation Center Self Service Catalog

Answer: A

Question No: 46

You manage a complex environment consisting of several hundred virtual machines running on vSphere ESXi 5.5 and 50 physical servers running applications.

Which solution will allow you to most easily virtualize the physical servers locally while moving your existing virtual machines off-site to a cloud service provider, where they will be protected against failure?

  1. vCenter Orchestrator

  2. vCloud Hybrid Service

  3. vCloud Automation Center

  4. vCenter Server

Answer: B

Question No: 47

Before you begin the rollout of your private cloud, the technical project leader wants to ensure you have the vSphere components required by vCloud Director in place first. Which two vSphere components are required by vCloud? (Choose two.)

  1. ESXi hypervisor

  2. vCenter Server

  3. vSphere Data Protection

  4. vCenter Orchestrator

Answer: A,B

Reference: 51/index.jsp?topic=/com.vmware.vcloud.install.doc_51/GUID-C258BED7-9664- 4DFE-B812-100281D4D460.html

Question No: 48

Your manager tells you, quot;We need the ability to non-disruptively adjust our clients#39; resource capacity based on their business growth.quot; Which vCloud feature will you use to do this?

  1. Organization vDC

  2. Fast Provisioning

  3. Service Catalog

  4. vCloud APIs

Answer: A

Question No: 49

As the QA department wants to ensure their tests are always run on quot;cleanquot; servers, the QA department#39;s workflow is typically: Create a VM, run a test, destroy the VM. Given that nobody outside the small QA group needs to contact these test servers, which vCloud Networking and Security feature will allow you to easily allocate IP addresses to the QA test servers on the fly?

  1. Firewall

  2. NAT

  3. DHCP

  4. VPN

Answer: C

Reference: vcloud-networking-and-security-edge-device-vshield/

Question No: 50

In planning for you upcoming transition to vCloud Automation Center, your manager asks if you can leverage your existing vSphere 5.5 infrastructure to deploy services. How should you respond?

  1. We cannot use our existing vSphere infrastructure as vCloud Automation Center can only utilize vCloud Hybrid service deployments

  2. We can use our existing vSphere infrastructure, but must deploy a minimum of two vCloud Automation Center endpoints

  3. We can use our existing vSphere infrastructure but must reinstall vCenter

  4. We can use our existing vSphere infrastructure to deploy vCloud Automation Center

Answer: C

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