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Question No: 171 – (Topic 5)

What two requirements must be met to create a fully automated Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) cluster? (Choose two.)

  1. Shared storage

  2. Hosts with identical processor features

  3. Storage vMotion

  4. vMotion

Answer: A,D

Question No: 172 – (Topic 5)

– Exhibit –

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– Exhibit –

A vSphere administrator created a Virtual SAN and a relevant virtual machine Storage Policy. The administrator is unable to select this virtual machine Storage Policy when creating a new virtual machine.

Based on the exhibit, why is the administrator unable to select this virtual machine Storage Policy?

  1. The administrator did not enable the virtual machine Storage Policy per compute resource.

  2. The ESXi Host license does not support virtual machine Storage Policies.

  3. The vCenter Server license does not support virtual machine Storage Policies.

  4. The administrator did not create a storage policy for the datastore selected for the virtual machine.

Answer: A

Question No: 173 – (Topic 5)

An administrator is planning a vSphere Fault Tolerance implementation for 6 virtual machines. Which two virtual disk types are supported with FT? (Choose two.)

  1. Raw Device Mapped LUN configured for Virtual Compatibility Mode

  2. Raw Device Mapped LUN configured for Physical Compatibility Mode

  3. Virtual disk thick provisioned, eager zeroed

  4. Virtual disk thick provisioned, lazy zeroed

Answer: A,C

Question No: 174 – (Topic 5)

What is the purpose of configuring a VMkernel port for Fault Tolerance logging?

  1. The selected vmkernel port is used to send external inputs from a primary virtual machine to its secondary counterpart.

  2. The selected vmkernel port is able to log Fault Tolerance events to a syslog server.

  3. The selected vmkernel port is used to trigger a failover from the primary machine if a hardware crash occurs.

  4. The selected vmkernel port is able to maintain a log of changes to the secondary virtual machine.

Answer: A

Question No: 175 – (Topic 5)

A vSphere administrator is attempting to upgrade an ESXi host using vSphere Update


The administrator has attached the baseline and remediated the host. Update Manager reports the remediation process has completed successfully. However, upon inspection the host is not upgraded.

What is the most likely reason for this issue?

  1. The ESXi host has less than 10MB free in its /tmp directory.

  2. The user performing the upgrade has insufficient privileges.

  3. The Update Manager service has not been configured with root level access to the host.

  4. The baseline has been configured using an invalid ISO image.

Answer: A

Question No: 176 – (Topic 5)

The vSphere administrator needs to migrate a virtual machine from one ESXi 5.5 host to another ESXi 5.5 host. The virtual machine has a virtual disk that is stored in local storage.

Assuming only the vSphere Essentials licensing is in place, which technique should the administrator use to accomplish the migration?

  1. vMotion migration

  2. Cold migration

  3. Enhanced vMotion migration

  4. Storage vMotion migration

Answer: B

Question No: 177 – (Topic 5)

A host in a 4-node HA\DRS cluster has failed. HA initiates restart tasks for the virtual machines on the remaining hosts in the cluster but half of them fail to restart.

What is the likely reason virtual machines fail to restart?

  1. HA admission control is blocking the restart of the virtual machines due to insufficient resources to support the configured failover level of the cluster.

  2. The vMotion network has failed on the remaining hosts preventing the virtual machines

    from migrating.

  3. Storage vMotion has failed on the datastore containing the virtual machines preventing them from migrating.

  4. The failed host was the Master host in the cluster and no other hosts are able to perform the necessary HA function to restart the virtual machines.

Answer: A

Question No: 178 – (Topic 5)

An administrator needs to install vSphere Update Manager using an external SQL Server 2008 R2 database. The administrator has created the database successfully, but cannot establish connectivity when testing the DSN.

Which configuration setting could be causing the issue?

  1. The database was configured to use Windows authentication.

  2. The DSN was configured using a 32-bit ODBC connection.

  3. Update Manager does not support the use of a remote database.

  4. Port 9087 is being blocked by Windows Firewall on the Update Manager server.

Answer: A

Question No: 179 – (Topic 5)

When a vSphere administrator attempts to remediate a host with Update Manager, the host is unable to enter maintenance mode.

Which condition is likely preventing the host from entering maintenance mode?

  1. A virtual machine on the host has a removable device connected.

  2. A virtual machine on the host is configured to use Fault Tolerance.

  3. A virtual machine is powered off and cannot be migrated to another host.

  4. A virtual machine is configured with a local .vswp file.

Answer: A

Question No: 180 – (Topic 5)

Which two statements accurately describes step that are taken to recover a virtual machine using vSphere Replication? (Choose two.)

  1. A recovery is initiated from the target site.

  2. A recovery is initiated from the source site.

  3. Upon recovery, the virtual machine is automatically attached to it#39;s configured network.

  4. Upon recovery, the virtual machine must be manually attached to a network.

Answer: A,D

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