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CompTIA Security Certification

Question No: 191 – (Topic 1)

When performing the daily review of the system vulnerability scans of the network Joe, the administrator, noticed several security related vulnerabilities with an assigned vulnerability identification number. Joe researches the assigned vulnerability identification number from the vendor website. Joe proceeds with applying the recommended solution for identified vulnerability.

Which of the following is the type of vulnerability described?

  1. Network based

  2. IDS

  3. Signature based

  4. Host based

Answer: C Explanation:

A signature-based monitoring or detection method relies on a database of signatures or patterns of known malicious or unwanted activity. The strength of a signature-based system is that it can quickly and accurately detect any event from its database of signatures.

Question No: 192 – (Topic 1)

Which of the following components of an all-in-one security appliance would MOST likely be configured in order to restrict access to peer-to-peer file sharing websites?

  1. Spam filter

  2. URL filter

  3. Content inspection

  4. Malware inspection

Answer: B Explanation:

The question asks how to prevent access to peer-to-peer file sharing websites. You access a website by browsing to a URL using a Web browser or peer-to-peer file sharing client software. A URL filter is used to block URLs (websites) to prevent users accessing the website.

Incorrect Answer:

A: A spam filter is used for email. All inbound (and sometimes outbound) email is passed through the spam filter to detect spam emails. The spam emails are then discarded or tagged as potential spam according to the spam filter configuration. Spam filters do not prevent users accessing peer-to-peer file sharing websites.

C: Content inspection is the process of inspecting the content of a web page as it is downloaded. The content can then be blocked if it doesn’t comply with the company’s web policy. Content-control software determines what content will be available or perhaps more often what content will be blocked. Content inspection does not prevent users accessing peer-to-peer file sharing websites (although it could block the content of the sites as it is downloaded).

D: Malware inspection is the process of scanning a computer system for malware. Malware inspection does not prevent users accessing peer-to-peer file sharing websites.

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Question No: 193 – (Topic 1)

An administrator connects VoIP phones to the same switch as the network PCs and printers. Which of the following would provide the BEST logical separation of these three device types while still allowing traffic between them via ACL?

  1. Create three VLANs on the switch connected to a router

  2. Define three subnets, configure each device to use their own dedicated IP address range, and then connect the network to a router

  3. Install a firewall and connect it to the switch

  4. Install a firewall and connect it to a dedicated switch for each device type

Answer: A Explanation:

A virtual local area network (VLAN) is a hardware-imposed network segmentation created by switches. VLANs are used for traffic management. Communications between ports within the same VLAN occur without hindrance, but communications between VLANs require a routing function.

Question No: 194 – (Topic 1)

Ann, the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of a company, sees cloud computing as a way to save money while providing valuable services. She is looking for a cost-effective solution to assist in capacity planning as well as visibility into the performance of the network. Which of the following cloud technologies should she look into?

  1. IaaS

  2. MaaS

  3. SaaS

  4. PaaS

Answer: B Explanation:

Monitoring-as-a-service (MaaS) is a cloud delivery model that falls under anything as a service (XaaS). MaaS allows for the deployment of monitoring functionalities for several other services and applications within the cloud.

Question No: 195 – (Topic 1)

Which of the following would Pete, a security administrator, do to limit a wireless signal from penetrating the exterior walls?

  1. Implement TKIP encryption

  2. Consider antenna placement

  3. Disable the SSID broadcast

  4. Disable WPA

Answer: B

Explanation: Cinderblock walls, metal cabinets, and other barriers can reduce signal strength significantly. Therefore, antenna placement is critical.

Question No: 196 – (Topic 1)

A malicious user is sniffing a busy encrypted wireless network waiting for an authorized client to connect to it. Only after an authorized client has connected and the hacker was able to capture the client handshake with the AP can the hacker begin a brute force attack to discover the encryption key. Which of the following attacks is taking place?

  1. IV attack

  2. WEP cracking

  3. WPA cracking

  4. Rogue AP

Answer: C Explanation:

There are three steps to penetrating a WPA-protected network. Sniffing

Parsing Attacking

Question No: 197 – (Topic 1)

After a new firewall has been installed, devices cannot obtain a new IP address. Which of the following ports should Matt, the security administrator, open on the firewall?

  1. 25

  2. 68

  3. 80

D. 443

Answer: B Explanation:

The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is a standardized network protocol used on Internet Protocol (IP) networks for distributing IP addresses for interfaces and services. DHCP makes use of port 68.

Question No: 198 – (Topic 1)

A company has recently implemented a high density wireless system by having a junior technician install two new access points for every access point already deployed. Users are now reporting random wireless disconnections and slow network connectivity. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause?

  1. The old APs use 802.11a

  2. Users did not enter the MAC of the new APs

  3. The new APs use MIMO

  4. A site survey was not conducted

Answer: D Explanation:

To test the wireless AP placement, a site survey should be performed.

Question No: 199 – (Topic 1)

A network consists of various remote sites that connect back to two main locations. Pete, the security administrator, needs to block TELNET access into the network. Which of the following, by default, would be the BEST choice to accomplish this goal?

  1. Block port 23 on the L2 switch at each remote site

  2. Block port 23 on the network firewall

  3. Block port 25 on the L2 switch at each remote site

  4. Block port 25 on the network firewall

Answer: B Explanation:

Telnet is a terminal-emulation network application that supports remote connectivity for

executing commands and running applications but doesn’t support transfer of fi les. Telnet uses TCP port 23. Because it’s a clear text protocol and service, it should be avoided and replaced with SSH.

Question No: 200 – (Topic 1)

Which of the following protocols allows for secure transfer of files? (Select TWO).

  1. ICMP

  2. SNMP

  3. SFTP

  4. SCP

  5. TFTP

Answer: C,D Explanation:

Standard FTP is a protocol often used to move files between one system and another either over the Internet or within private networks. SFTP is a secured alternative to standard FTP.

Secure Copy Protocol (SCP) is a secure file-transfer facility based on SSH and Remote Copy Protocol (RCP).

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