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CTT Exam (Certified Technical)

Question No: 411 – (Topic 5)

Which of the following are reasons trainers compile an end-of-class report? (Select TWO).

  1. To document any disciplinary issues that arose with training personnel

  2. To document any modifications the trainer made from course design

  3. To evaluate the success of course design

  4. To protect the trainer from participant formal complaints

  5. To evaluate the competence of the course designer

Answer: B,C

Question No: 412 – (Topic 5)

An instructor just finished discussing a topic. Afterwards, one of the learners displays uncertainty with their body movement. Which of the following is the MOST likely action the instructor should take NEXT?

  1. Check with the learner to see if further clarification is needed.

  2. Review the topic again and continue with the training.

  3. Review the topic again to ensure all learners understand the content.

  4. Inform the learner that any concerns will be addressed at the end of class.

Answer: A

Question No: 413 – (Topic 5)

While preparing to teach a course at an organization, the trainer sees that part of the contract is the ability for students to contact the trainer with questions after the conclusion of the training. Which of the following is the BEST support information to provide to the students?

  1. The trainer’s home phone number

  2. The trainer’s email address

  3. The company representative’s phone number

  4. The trainer’s company website address

Answer: B

Question No: 414 – (Topic 5)

A learner has repeatedly taken different computer components and assembled them into a working computer, each time in front of the instructor. However, the student cannot pass the written examination on the subject. Which of the following would be the BEST action by the instructor?

  1. Consult the learning objectives and grade the student accordingly.

  2. Stress to the student that it is important to pass the written exam as well as the practical exam.

  3. Ask the student’s advisor if the written exam can be waived.

  4. Provide additional materials to the student to help pass the written exam.

Answer: A

Question No: 415 – (Topic 5)

Prior to delivering a course, a trainer should consider which of the following? (Select TWO).

  1. Ways to take shortcuts in the delivery of the course

  2. Areas that may cause confusion or resistance

  3. Areas to sell the learner on more training

  4. Real world examples of the content

  5. Challenges with the development of the instructional materials

  6. A way to rewrite the content of the course

Answer: B,D

Question No: 416 – (Topic 5)

Which of the following delivery methods should be used sparingly?

  1. Reading from the book

  2. Lecture periods

  3. Discussion sessions

  4. Hands-on lab sessions

Answer: A

Question No: 417 – (Topic 5)

At the beginning of a class, the trainer notices that the power cord for the projector is lying in the path of one of the aisles where students will be walking. The instructor should:

  1. move the desks to block the aisle so that students cannot walk there.

  2. teach the class without using a projector and have it removed.

  3. inform the client and ask to have the cord taped down.

  4. cancel the class because a safe environment cannot be maintained.

Answer: C

Question No: 418 – (Topic 5)

Which of the following represents an objective evaluation of a learner?

  1. A multiple-choice exam

  2. An essay exam

  3. A five-page annotated paper

  4. A short-answer exam

Answer: A

Question No: 419 – (Topic 5)

A trainer should solicit the MOST evaluations from the learners by:

  1. Giving the learners the expected answers to the survey.

  2. Informing the class that it will affect the trainer#39;s job.

  3. Providing a survey at each station before class begins.

  4. Asking for the completion of a course survey.

Answer: D

Question No: 420 – (Topic 5)

Creating a topic “parking lot” is an effective method of:

  1. enhancing and engaging learners through appropriate anecdotes stories and analogies.

  2. opening a training session and facilitating group activity in a positive way.

  3. handling relevant learner inquiries on topics for which the trainer has less expertise.

  4. using activities and media to support learning objectives to handle minor problems.

Answer: C

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