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November 5, 2019

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Question No.161

What does development mode enable? (Select all that apply)

  1. Inline editor

  2. File check In and out

  3. Page creation

  4. Development sandbox

Answer: AC

Question No.162


Which Assignment Rule is available only if territory management is enabled?

Answer: Account Assignment Rule

Question No.163

Custom picklist fields can be either controlling or dependent fields.

  1. True

  2. False

Answer: A

Question No.164

Records can enter a step in an approval process based on

  1. Based on criteria

  2. If #39;All records enter this step#39; checkbox is checked, then all records which have entered this approval process, would enter this step of the approval process

  3. Only A is valid

  4. Only B is valid

  5. Both A and B are valid.

Answer: C

Question No.165


The sales team would like to include a Chatter feed about the record on the Contact page. What tool should you use?


Page layout – the chatter field can be included by using the page layout without the need for a custom page.

Question No.166


What attribute of the component can be used to hide the related lists

Answer: Related List

Question No.167


Which are the 4 standard fields of a custom object?

Answer: Name, Owner, Created By, Last Modified By

Question No.168


To enforce data format using validation rule, which function should be used?

Answer: REGEX

Question No.169

You can only use Style tags to change the look and feel of a page.

  1. True

  2. False

Answer: B

Question No.170


How to remove #39;Always on Layout#39; field from the page layout (blue circle next to this field)?


To remove field which is #39;Always on Layout#39; on the page layout, go to each profile and in #39;Field level security section#39; uncheck #39;Visible#39; checkbox.

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