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August 21, 2013



A prospect is interested in a PureFlex and must have storage network redundancy using Fibre Channel. The customer needs one switch bay open for future use. Which is the minimum PureFlex offering that meets these requirements?


A.      Express

B.      Standard

C.      Enterprise

D.      Application


Correct Answer: B




A PureFlex prospect wants all the services below. Which of the following activities must be covered by a separate services contract in addition to the standard Lab Services offering?


A.      V7000 Storage configuration

B.      SmartCloud Entry configuration

C.      Initial compute node configuration

D.      Flex Systems Manager configuration


Correct Answer: B




An initial design created a PureFlex system with four p260 compute nodes for a customer with existing Power Systems that are virtualized with dual VIO servers. The customer states that dual VIO servers are required for all Power Systems. What should be done to ensure the compute nodes have dual VIO servers?


A.      Replace the p260 compute nodes with p460 compute nodes

B.      Add the split drive feature code to the p260 compute nodes

C.      Configure the Virtual Fabric to split the Fibre Channel adapter into 4 channels

D.      Replace the network adapter with a second Fibre Channel adapter and use the LOM capability


Correct Answer: A








A customer decided to move their payroll and CRM to an external cloud hosted environment. Which of the following describes this environment?


A.      BCRS

B.      Private cloud

C.      Infrastructure as a service

D.      Business process as a service


Correct Answer: D




A customer has a DS5100 and would like to keep his existing storage. Which of the following V7000 features on the PureFlex system allows them to do this?


A.      Easy Tier

B.      Transparent Data Migration

C.      Thin Provisioning

D.      Storage Virtualization


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following HP product offerings compete head-to-head with PureApplication Systems?


A.      Virtual System

B.      Cloud System

C.      Exalogic

D.      Converged Systems – Apps Systems


Correct Answer: D




A customer states a requirement for movement of running RHEL partitions between p24L Compute Nodes. Which selection will enable this capability?


A.      PureFlex System Express with PowerVM

B.      PureFlex System Standard with Red Hat XEN

C.      PureFlex System Standard with VMware ESXi

D.      PureFlex System Express with VMware ESXi

Correct Answer: A




A PureFlex technical specialist is discussing the PureFlex family with a prospective customer. They are concerned about available chassis space. Which PureFlex Compute option is full width?


A.      x240

B.      p260

C.      x260

D.      p460


Correct Answer: D




A customer is preparing to move their data and applications to a cloud environment. They are going to use a provider server, storage and networkA customer is preparing to move their data and applications to a cloud environment. They are going to use a provider servers, storage and network resources, but will continue to manage the environment themselves. This is an example of which of the following?


A.      Storage as a Service

B.      Software as a Service

C.      Infrastructure as a Service

D.      Business Process as a Service


Correct Answer: C




A customer has a legacy x86 deployment on physical servers. What benefit do server hypervisors such as VMware offer to preserve legacy workloads?


A.      Legacy x86 CPU models can be emulated allowing operating system compatibility.

B.      Virtualized CPU cores facilitate reduced licensing costs for legacy operating systems.

C.      User-controlled CPU frequencies allow slower legacy hardware timings to be preserved.

D.      Selected legacy operating systems can be hosted on new hardware which are not natively supported


Correct Answer: D


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