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August 21, 2013



A Power customer running AIX asks how they will migrate their AIX environment to PureFlex. Which of the following accomplishes this task?


A.      Tivoli Storage Manager

B.      Deploy a mksysb of the existing system

C.      VMotion

D.      BOS install from DVD


Correct Answer: B




What risk should be identified during a Pre-Sale TDA for the recovery of the FSM?


A.      An external DVD reader will be required

B.      The CMM can be used as a backup for the FSM

C.      The chassis DVD drive has to be manually switched to the FSM node

D.      FSM software is located on an internal USB key which would need to be replaced


Correct Answer: A




A customer is considering moving his data to a PureFlex System. Which of the following tools provides ROI?


A.      TCO Now

B.      Capacity Magic


D.      SCON


Correct Answer: D




A customer plans to have an IBM PureFlex System Standard with x240 and p260 nodes installed at a hosting facility where power usage is charged by consumption. 75% utilization is expected. Which of the following can be used to provide power consumption for the chassis for budgeting purposes?


A.      Energy Estimator

B.      Power Load Magic

C.      Power configurator

D.      Sales Manuals for each component


Correct Answer: C




A customer is considering a PureFlex Standard solution. Which of the following is included in the five day IBM Lab Services engagement?


A.      Demonstrate Live Application Mobility

B.      Use vCenter to create a cluster of virtual servers

C.      Implement System Server Pools with VMControl

D.      Create an image repository for use with VMControl


Correct Answer: D




A Power System customer is considering a PureFlex. The PureFlex technical specialist wants a simple way to document their system from the HMC. Which of the following GUI options will produce this information?


A.      View Hardware Topology

B.      System Profile

C.      System Properties

D.      System Plan


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following is the maximum number of power supplies can be installed in one PureFlex Chassis?


A.      2

B.      4

C.      6

D.      8


Correct Answer: C






What is maximum wattage for the power supplies in the PureFlex chassis?


A.      1000 w

B.      1500 w

C.      2500 w

D.      3500 w


Correct Answer: C




A PureFlex customer running many AIX 6.1 TL06 instances needs to maintain current system performance while reducing the data center footprint. Which data gathering tool would help determine the minimum amount of Power Compute Nodes required?


A.      TOP

B.      NMON

C.      MSTAT

D.      SARMON


Correct Answer: B




A PureFlex prospect has separate server, storage and network teams that communicate only through department managers. Which of the following network technologies would present the largest risk to a successful implementation?


A.      NPIV

B.      FCoE

C.      IEEE 802.3

D.      InfiniBand


Correct Answer: B


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