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August 21, 2013



Which of the following documents is designed to mitigate risk during a PureFlex installation?


A.      Site Eval

B.      SSIC Listing

C.      TDA Checklist

D.      Power Estimator


Correct Answer: C




A customer is considering a PureFlex Express. The customer wants redundant high speed Ethernet and redundant native Fibre Channel. Which of the following is the minimum number of switch bays required and number of switch bays remaining available for expansion?


A.      2 and 2

B.      2 and 4

C.      4 and 0

D.      4 and 4


Correct Answer: C




A customer has EMC storage and wants to transition to PureFlex storage. Which of the following V7000 features meets this customer requirement?


A.      Easy Tier

B.      Virtualization

C.      Transparent Data Migration

D.      Thin Provisioning


Correct Answer: C




When is PureFlex the best solution for a customer to consolidate servers , reduce complexity and sprawl, and lower the total cost of ownership?


A.      Customer needs the highest ratio of memory to file servers.

B.      Customer desires a Linux or z/OS system, savings from environmentals, and reductions from third party software licenses to achieve the best total economics with a consolidation ratio of 6 to 1 or greater.

C.      Customer wants to benefit from reduction in complexity, significant operating cost reduction. Customer has a multivendor server and storage environment or to compete against an integrated system like UCS, vBlock or Application System to take out existing IBM infrastructure.

D.      Customer wants to consolidate critical business applications and databases onto the most secure, resilient and scalable virtualization system for UNIX, z/OS, and Linux workloads while providing clients flexibility and choice to leverage existing storage, networking, software, infrastructure, and skills.


Correct Answer: C




A customer is contemplating two POWER-based solutions; one using IBM BladeCenter PS704 blades and another using IBM PureFlex p460 Compute Nodes. Processing power is a key customer factor. Which of the following attributes would make an IBM PureFlex solution attractive over IBM BladeCenter?


A.      L3 cache size

B.      Power requirements

C.      CPU clock frequency

D.      Number of CPU cores


Correct Answer: C




A customer has existing mixed x86 and Power blades deployments on traditional IBM BladeCenter hardware. In what area does an IBM Flex System provide significant improvement over the customer’s existing infrastructure?


A.      Scalable clustering

B.      Storage virtualization

C.      Centralized management

D.      Broader platform coverage


Correct Answer: C




Which of the following is the minimum number of power supplies for a PureFlex Standard Edition?


A.      1

B.      2

C.      4

D.      6


Correct Answer: C




A customer wants to know what the disk layout will be in the Storwiz v7000 with PureFlex. Which of the following tools should they use?


A.      Disk Magic

B.      Capacity Magic

C.      Performance Monitor

D.      System Consolodation Evalution Tool


Correct Answer: B




Which of the following is a chargeable feature for PureFlex Storwize V7000?


A.      Easy Tier

B.      FlashCopy

C.      Thin Provisioning

D.      External Virtualization


Correct Answer: C




Which of the following PureFlex competitors sell only x86 servers in their Integrated offering?


A.      HP

B.      Cisco

C.      Oracle

D.      NetApp FlexPod


Correct Answer: D





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