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August 21, 2013



Power Systems compute nodes communicate over the management network through which controller?


A.      Flexible Service Processor (FSP)

B.      Integrated Virtualization Management (IVM)

C.      Integrated Management Module v1 (IMMv1)

D.      Integrated Management Module v2 (IMMv2)


Correct Answer: A




A customer is moving their IBM i environment to PureFlex, and they want to know how they can attach the V7000 disk. Which of the following is correct?


A.      IBM i only supports internal storage with PureFlex

B.      Direct attached storage is an additional charge

C.      IBM i attaches to storage through the VIO server

D.      Direct attached storage is included in the system cost


Correct Answer: C




A customer is discussing PSU redundancy alternatives. Which is an advantage of N+1 over N+N for PSU redundancy?


A.      Better PSU redundancy

B.      Possible lower amperage circuits

C.      Greater number of compute nodes supported

D.      Chassis can be setup as a dual power domain


Correct Answer: B




A PureFlex prospect is concerned about rack capacity on their single rack configuration. Which of the following is the maximum number of PureFlex chassis that fit in this configuration?


A.      2

B.      3

C.      4

D.      5

Correct Answer: B




Design criteria dictate the use of SAN pass-thru now and the ability to upgrade to full fabric capability later. Which of the following is the most cost effective way to accomplish this?


A.      Select the 8Gb SAN Switch module now and enable full fabric functionality later

B.      Select the 8Gb SAN Pass-thru module now and enable full fabric functionality later

C.      Select the 8Gb SAN Switch module now and switch to Brocade interoperability mode later

D.      Select the 8Gb SAN Pass-thru module now and convert to full functionality through activation codes later


Correct Answer: A




A customer is interested in virtualizing their lightly used Power servers onto a PureFlex node. There are four active CPUs on their PureFlex POWER7 node. Which of the following is the maximum number of LPARs that can be started when they virtualize with PowerVM?


A.      32

B.      40

C.      64

D.      80


Correct Answer: B




The IBM Flex System Enterprise Chassis provides options for N+1 and N+N power supply redundancy. Aside from redundancy, which of the following characteristics provides additional cooling resilience?


A.      Independently powered fan modules

B.      Shared cooling between adjacent PSUs

C.      Membership of multiple power domains

D.      Passive cooling, removing failure of active parts


Correct Answer: A






A customer has issues updating their current IBM servers, network, and storage stack. They are not yet on PureFlex. Which of the following should the customer leverage to lessen this issue?


A.      IVM

B.      HMC

C.      Systems Director

D.      FSM


Correct Answer: C




Why is Layer 2 failover used with virtual NIC teaming?


A.      It is required for active/active NIC Teaming

B.      Stop automatic failback from happening with NIC teaming

C.      Minimize host connectivity loss during a full upstream link failure to a TOR switch

D.      Prevent Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) from initiating a broadcast storm


Correct Answer: C




A customer has ordered their first PureFlex Standard system. They plan to have the current x86 administrators manage the system which will contain both Intel and Power Compute Nodes. The application runs 24 x 7. Which of the following items should be included in the implementation plan?


A.      Send the x86 admin staff to the PureFlex Technical University for training.

B.      Encourage the customer to have their admin staff read the Power Compute Node Redbooks for PureFlex.

C.      Encourage the customer to upgrade immediately to PureFlex Enterprise to gain 24 x 7 Account Advocate support.

D.      Ensure the admin staff has proper escalation contacts to the Power admin team and the Power support team at the Business Partner.


Correct Answer: D



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