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September 9, 2013



Which file can be used to make sure that procmail is used to filter a user’s incoming email?


A.      ${HOME}/.procmail

B.      ${HOME}/.forward

C.      ${HOME}/.bashrc

D.      /etc/procmailrc

E.       /etc/aliases

Answer: B


A user is on holiday for two weeks. Anyone sending an email to that account should receive an autoresponse.

Which of the following procmail rules should be used, so that all incoming emails are processed by vacation?


A.        :0c:

| /usr/bin/vacation nobody


B.        :w

| /usr/bin/vacation nobody


C.        :0fc:

|/usr/bin/vacation nobody


D.        | /usr/bin/vacation nobody


E.         :> |/usr/bin/vacation nobody

Answer: A


What security precautions must be taken when creating a directory into which files can be uploaded anonymously using FTP?


A.      The directory must not have the execute permission set.

B.      The directory must not have the read permission set.

C.      The directory must not have the read or execute permission set.

D.      The directory must not have the write permission set.

E.       The directory must not contain other directories.

Answer: B


What is the correct format for an ftpusers file entry?


A.      Use only one username on each line.

B.      Add a colon after each username.

C.      Add a semicolon after each username.

D.      Add ALLOW after each username.

E.       Add DENY after each username.

Answer: A


What is the path to the global postfix configuration file? (Please specify the complete directory path and file name)

Answer: /etc/postfix/main.cf


A system monitoring service checks the availability of a database server on port 5432 of destination.example.com. The problem with this is that the password will be sent in clear text. When using an SSH tunnel to solve the problem, which command should be used?


A.      ssh -1 5432: destination.example. com

B.      ssh -L 5432:destination.example.com:5432

C.      ssh -L 5432: destination.example.com

D.      ssh -x destination.example.com:5432

E.       ssh -R 5432: destination.example.com

Answer: C


What must be done on a host to allow a user to log in to that host using an SSH key?

A. Add their private key to ~/. ssh/authorized_keys

B. Reference their public key in ~/. ssh/config

C. Run ssh-agent on that host

D. Add their public key to ~/. ssh/authorized_keys E. Reference their private key in ~/. ssh/config

Answer: D


An SSH port-forwarded connection to the web server www.example.com was invoked using the command ssh -TL 80:www.example.com:80 user@www.example.com. Which TWO of the following are correct?


A.      The client can connect to the web server by typing http://www.example.com/ into the browser’s address barand the connection will be encrypted

B.      The client can connect to www.example.com by typing http://localhost/ into the browser’s address bar andthe connection will be encrypted

C.      The client can’t connect to the web server by typing http://www.example.com/ into the browser’s addressbar. This is only possible using http://localhost/

D.      It is only possible to port-forward connections to insecure services that provide an interactive shell (liketelnet)

E.       The client can connect to the web server by typing http://www.example.com/ into the browser’s address barand the connection will not be encrypted

Answer: B, E


Which of the following defines the maximum allowed article size in the configuration file for INN?


A.      limitartsize

B.      artsizelimit

C.      maxartlimit

D.      maxartsize

E.       setartlimit

Answer: D


The innd configuration file has been changed and it should be used as soon as possible. What is the fastest way to accomplish that?


A.      ctlinnd kill hup

B.      kill – HUP process id

C.      ctlinnd xexec innd

D.      ctlinnd reload innd

E.       /usr/sbin/innd reload

Answer: C



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