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September 9, 2013



Which of the following is true, when a server uses PAM authentication and both /etc/pam.conf & /etc/pam.d/ exist?


A.      It causes error messages.

B.      /etc /pam.conf will be ignored.

C.      /etc / pam.d/ will be ignored.

D.      Both are used, but /etc/pam.d/ has a higher priority.

E.       Both are used, but /etc/pam.conf has a higher priority.

Answer: B


Which of the following tools, on its own, can provide dial-in access to a server?


A.      mingetty

B.      pppd

C.      dip

D.      chat

E.       mgetty

Answer: E


When configuring a PPP dial-in server, which option is used (in the pppd configuration file) to enable user authentication against the system password database?


A.      login

B.      auth

C.      local

D.      password

E.       user

Answer: A


To configure an LDAP service in the company ” Certkiller Ltd”, which of the following entries should be added to slapd.conf, in the Database Directives section, to set the rootdn so that the common name is Manager and the company’s domain is Certkiller .com ?


A.      rootdn cn=Manager dc= Certkiller dc=com

B.      rootdn “cn=Manager,dc= Certkiller ,dc=com”

C.      rootdn cn= Certkiller ,dc=com,dc=Manager

D.      rootdn “cn= Certkiller ,dc=com,dc=Manager”

E.       rootdn “cn=Manager dc= Certkiller dc=com”

Answer: B


Which of the following commands can gather entries from the specified administrative NIS database group?


A.      ypserv group

B.      getent group

C.      rpcinfo group

D.      ypbind group

E.       yppoll group

Answer: B


What could be a reason for invoking vsftpd from (x) inetd?


A.      It’s not a good idea, because (x) inetd is not secure

B.      Running vsftpd in standalone mode is only possible as root, which could be a security risk

C.      vsftpd cannot be started in standalone mode

D.      (x) inetd has more access control capabilities

E.       (x) inetd is needed to run vsftpd in a chroot jail

Answer: D


An SSH server is configured to use tcp_wrappers and only hosts from the class C network should be allowed to access it. Which of the following lines would achieve this, when entered in/etc/ hosts.allow?


A.      ALLOW: : sshd

B.      sshd : : ALLOW

C. : ALLOW: sshd

D.      tcpd: sshd : : ALLOW

E.       sshd : ALLOW:

Answer: B


Which TWO of the following statements about xinetd and inetd are correct?


A.      xinetd supports access control by time.

B.      xinetd only supports TCP connections.

C.      xinetd is faster than xinetd and should be preferred for this reason.

D.      xinetd includes support for X connections.

E.       xinetd and inetd are used to reduce the number of listening daemons.

Answer: A,E


A correctly-formatted entry has been added to /etc/hosts.allow to allow certain clients to connect to a service, but this is having no effect. What would be the cause of this?


A.      tcpd needs to be sent the HUP signal.

B.      The service needs to be restarted.

C.      The machine needs to be restarted.

D.      There is a conflicting entry in /etc/hosts.deny .

E.       The service does not support tcpwrappers

Answer: E


Which TWO /etc/hosts.allow entries will allow access to sshd from the class C network


A.      sshd : 192.168.1.

B.      sshd : 192.168.1

C.      sshd : netmask

D.      sshd :

E.       sshd :

Answer: A, D



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