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September 9, 2013



Which of the following sentences is true about ISC DHCP?


A.      It can’t be configured to assign addresses to BOOTP clients.

B.      Its default behavior is to send DHCPNAK to clients that request inappropriate addresses.

C.      It can’t be used to assign addresses to X – terminals.

D.      It can be configured to only assign addresses to known clients.

E.       None of the above.

Answer: D


The host, called ” Certkiller “, with the M

A. address “08:00:2b:4c:59:23”, should always be given the IP address of by the DHCP server. Which of the following configurations will achieve this?


A.        host Certkiller {

hardware-ethernet 08:00:2b:4c:59:23;




B.        host Certkiller {





C.        host Certkiller = 08:00:2b:4c:59:23


D.        host Certkiller {

hardware ethernet 08:00:2b:4c:59:23;




E.         host Certkiller {

hardware-address 08:00:2b.4c:59:23;



Answer: D


Which dhcpd.conf option defines the DNS server address(es) to be sent to the DHCP clients?


A.      domainname

B.      domain-name-servers

C.      domain-nameserver

D.      domain-name-server

Answer: B


What is a significant difference between host and zone keys generated by dnssec-keygen?


A.      There is no difference.

B.      Both zone key files ( .key/.private ) contain a public and private key.

C.      Both host keys files ( .key/. private) contain a public and private key.

D.      Host Keys must always be generated if DNSSEC is used; zone keys are optional

E.       Zone Keys must always be generated if is used; host keys are optional

Answer: B


Which of these would be the simplest way to configure BIND to return a different version number to queries?


A.      Compile BIND with the option -blur-version=my version.

B.      Set version-string “my version” in BIND’s configuration file.

C.      Set version “my version” in BIND’s configuration file.

D.      Set version=my version in BIND’s configuration file.

E.       Ser version-bind “my version” in BIND’s configuration file.

Answer: C



A.        Any host, from any network, may use this server as its main DNS server.

B.        If the server doesn’t know the answer to a query, it sends a recursive query to

C.        If the server doesn’t know the answer to a query, it sends a query to a root DNS server.

D.        Hosts in the network will be able to ask for zone transfers.

E.         If the server doesn’t know the answer to a query, it sends a recursive query to and, if this fails,it returns a failure.

Answer: B


A BIND server should be upgraded to use TSIG. Which configuration parameters should be added, if the server should use the algorithm hmac-md5 and the key skrKc4DoTzi/tAkllPi7JZA== ?


A.      TSIG server.example.com. algorithm hmac-md5; secret “skrKc4DoTzi/tAkllPi7JZA==”; };

B.      key server.example.com. { algorithm hmac-md5; secret skrKc4DoTzi/tAkllPi7JZA==; };

C.      key server.example.com. { algorithm hmac-md5; secret “skrKc4DoTzi/tAkllPi7JZA==”; };

D.      key server.example.com. { algorithm=hmac-md5; secret=”skrKc4DoTzi/tAkllPi7JZA==”; };

E.       key server.example.com. { algorithm hmac-md5 secret “skrKc4DoTzi/tAkI1Pi7JZA==” };

Answer: C


DNSSEC is used for?


A.      Encrypted DNS queries between nameservers.

B.      Cryptographic authentication of DNS zones.

C.      Secondary DNS queries for local zones.

D.      Defining a secure DNS section.

E.       Querying a secure DNS section.

Answer: B


This program has 3 operating modes: copy-in mode, copy-out mode, and copy-pass mode, and is used to copy files into or out of archives. What program is this? (Please provide the command name only, with no arguments or path.)

Answer: cpio


A BIND server should never answer queries from certain networks or hosts. Which configuration directive could be used for this purpose?


A.      deny-query { …; };

B.      no-answer { …; };

C.      deny-answer { …; };

D.      deny-access { …; };

E.       blackhole { …; };

Answer: E



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