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September 9, 2013



A web server is expected to handle approximately 200 simultaneous requests during normal use with an occasional spike in activity and is performing slowly. Which directives in httpd.conf need to be adjusted?


A.      MinSpareServers & MaxSpareServers.

B.      MinSpareServers, MaxSpareServers, StartServers & MaxClients.

C.      MinServers, MaxServers & MaxClients.

D.      MinSpareServers, MaxSpareServers, StartServers, MaxClients & KeepAlive.

Answer: B


Which statements about the Alias and Redirect directives in Apache’s configuration file are true?


A.      Alias can only reference files under DocumentRoot

B.      Redirect works with regular expressions

C.      Redirect is handled on the client side

D.      Alias is handled on the server side

E.       Alias is not a valid configuration directive

Answer: C, D


When Apache is configured to use name-based virtual hosts:


A.      It’s also necessary to configure a different IP address for each virtual host.

B.      The Listen directive is ignored by the server.

C.      It starts multiple daemons (one for each virtual host).

D.      It’s also necessary to create a VirtualHost block for the main host.

E.       Only the directives ServerName and DocumentRoot may be used inside a block.

Answer: D


Which Apache directive is used to configure the main directory for the site, out of which it will serve documents?


A.      ServerRoot

B.      UserDir

C.      DirectoryIndex

D.      Location

E.       DocumentRoot

Answer: E


Which Apache directive allows the use of external configuration files defined by the directive AccessFileName?


A.      AllowExternalConfig

B.      AllowAccessFile

C.      AllowConfig

D.      IncludeAccessFile

E.       AllowOverride

Answer: E


Which of the following is recommended to reduce Squid’s consumption of disk resources?


A.      Disable the use of access lists.

B.      Reduce the size of cache_dir in the configuration file.

C.      Rotate log files regularly.

D.      Disable logging of fully qualified domain names.

E.       Reduce the number of child processes to be started in the configuration file.

Answer: B


Which ACL type in Squid’s configuration file is used for authentication purposes?


A.      proxyAuth

B.      proxy_auth

C.      proxy_passwd

D.      auth

E.       auth_required

Answer: B


The listing below is an excerpt from a Squid configuration file:


A.      Users connecting from localhost will be able to access web sites through this proxy.

B.      It’s necessary to include a http_access rule denying access to all, at the end of the rules.

C.      It’s possible to use this proxy to access SSL enabled web sites listening on any port.

D.      This proxy can’t be used to access FTP servers listening on the default port.

E.       This proxy is misconfigured and no user will be able to access web sites through it.

Answer: D


In the file /var/squid/url_blacklist is a list of URLs that users should not be allowed to access. What is the correct entry in Squid’s configuration file to create an acl named blacklist based on this file?


A.      acl blacklist urlpath_regex /var/squid/url_blacklist

B.      acl blacklist file /var/squid/url_blacklist

C.      acl blacklist “/var/squid/url_blacklist”

D.      acl blacklist urlpath_regex “/var/squid/url_blacklist”

E.       acl urlpath_regex blacklist /var/squid/url_blacklist

Answer: D


Users in the acl named ‘sales_net’ must only be allowed to access to the Internet at times specified in the time_acl named ‘sales_time’. Which is the correct http_access directive, to configure this?


A.      http_access deny sales_time sales_net

B.      http_access allow sales_net sales_time

C.      http_access allow sales_net and sales_time

D.      allow http_access sales_net sales_time

E.       http_access sales_net sales_time

Answer: B



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