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September 9, 2013



Which of the following statements about the ldapsearch command are true? (Choose three.)


A.      The -b option specifies the database where the LDIF file will be included

B.      It is possible to configure a specific LDAP server for the search with the -h option

C.      The -L option is useful when for viewing details of LDIF files

D.      The -Z option requires a successful StartTLS operation in order to continue

E.       With the -x option, the simple bind authentication method will be used

Answer: B,C,E


An administrator is adding several LDIF files to the directory with slapadd and the new entries are not displayed when ldapsearch is used. Assuming that there is no database corruption, what is the most appropriate solution to the problem?


A.      Run ldaprefresh_all

B.      Run slaprefresh_all

C.      Stop the slapd process, run slapindex and then correct the entries using slap_vaccum

D.      Stop the slapd process and add the files again with slapadd

Answer: D


Which of he following steps should be followed when configuring a slave slapd server?

(Choose three.)


A.      Do not add a replica directive to slapd.conf

B.      Do not add a replogfile directive to slapd.conf

C.      Add an updatedn directive to slapd.conf

D.      Add a replica directive to slapd.conf

E.       Add a replogfile directive to slapd.cnf

Answer: A,B,C


The _______ Perl module gives the programmer the ability to work with LDIF files in perl. (Specify the module in Perl’s Module)



In order to migrate usernames and passwords from a NIS server, the passwd and shadow files were used with a custom script to import the data to OpenLDAP. After properly creating a test workstation to authenticate against LDAP, the number of lines outputted from getent passwd are different from the number of the NIS client workstation. Which one of the following statements can be true?


A.      The OpenLDAp client is querying the NIS server on the wrong TCP/IP port

B.      The NIS database is not synchronized with passwd and shadow

C.      The NIS clients are not receiving the correct files from the server

D.      The OpenLDAP server creates some additional users that are show in getent

E.       The NIS clients are confused since OpenLDAP and NIS use the same port to communicate

Answer: B


In the following output, what resource is the program being observed using the most?


A.      Memory

B.      Disk I/O

C.      Network I/O

D.      CPU

Answer: A


When configuring LDAP to use certificates, which option should be used with the TLSVerifyClient directive to ask the client for a valid certificate in order to proceed normally?


A.      Allow

B.      Try

C.      Never

D.      Demand

Answer: D


Exhibit * Missing *

In the following output, what resource is the program being observed using the most?


A.      CPU

B.      Network I/O

C.      Disk I/O

D.      Memory

Answer: C


On a Postfix mail server, the command postconf -m is run to determine if OpenLDAP is supported. Which storage medium would indicate support for OpenLDAP?


A.      x500

B.      openldap

C.      ldap

D.      dbm

E.       ldaptable

Answer: C


In capacity planning exercises, what tools assist in identifying processes of interest from other processes? (Choose two.)


A.      top

B.      free

C.      lshal

D.      ps

Answer: A,D

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