Latest Real 156-215.13 Tests Dumps and VCE Exam Questions 231-240

April 24, 2014


Question 231

What port is used for communication to the User Center with SmartUpdate?

A. TCP 8080

B. HTTPS 443

C. HTTP 80

D. CPMI 200


Answer: B



Question 232

You are a Security Administrator preparing to deploy a new HFA (Hotfix Accumulator) to ten Security Gateways at five geographically separate locations. What is the BEST method to implement this HFA?

A. Send a CD-ROM with the HFA to each location and have local personnel install it.

B. Use SmartUpdate to install the packages to each of the Security Gateways remotely.

C. Send a Certified Security Engineer to each site to perform the update.

D. Use a SSH connection to SCP the HFA to each Security Gateway. Once copied locally, initiate a remote installation command and monitor the installation progress with SmartView Monitor.


Answer: B



Question 233

What action can be performed from SmartUpdate R76?

A. cpinfo

B. fw stat -l

C. upgrade_export

D. remote_uninstall_verifier


Answer: A



Question 234

Which tool CANNOT be launched from SmartUpdate R76?

A. SecurePlatform WebUI

B. cpinfo

C. IP Appliance Voyager

D. snapshot


Answer: D



Question 235

Sally has a Hot Fix Accumulator (HFA) she wants to install on her Security Gateway which operates with GAiA, but she cannot SCP the HFA to the system. She can SSH into the Security Gateway, but she has never been able to SCP files to it. What would be the most likely reason she cannot do so?

A. She needs to edit /etc/scpusers and add the Standard Mode account.

B. She needs to run sysconfig and restart the SSH process.

C. She needs to run cpconfig to enable the ability to SCP files.

D. She needs to edit /etc/SSHd/SSHd_config and add the Standard Mode account.


Answer: A



Question 236

An advantage of using central instead of local licensing is:

A. The license must be renewed when changing the IP address of a Security Gateway. Each module’s license has a unique IP address.

B. A license can be taken from one Security Management Server and given to another Security Management Server.

C. Licenses are automatically attached to their respective Security Gateways.

D. Only one IP address is used for all licenses.


Answer: D



Question 237

You are running the license_upgrade tool on your SecurePlatform Gateway. Which of the following can you NOT do with the upgrade tool?

A. Perform the actual license-upgrade process

B. View the status of currently installed licenses

C. Simulate the license-upgrade process

D. View the licenses in the SmartUpdate License Repository


Answer: D



Question 238

If a SmartUpdate upgrade or distribution operation fails on GAiA, how is the system recovered?

A. The Administrator must remove the rpm packages manually, and re-attempt the upgrade.

B. GAiA will reboot and automatically revert to the last snapshot version prior to upgrade.

C. The Administrator can only revert to a previously created snapshot (if there is one) with the command cprinstall snapshot <object name> <filename>.

D. The Administrator must reinstall the last version via the command cprinstall revert <object name>

<file name>.


Answer: B



Question 239

Why should the upgrade_export configuration file (.tgz) be deleted after you complete the import process?

A. It contains your security configuration, which could be exploited.

B. It will prevent a future successful upgrade_export since the .tgz file cannot be overwritten.

C. SmartUpdate will start a new installation process if the machine is rebooted.

D. It will conflict with any future upgrades when using SmartUpdate.


Answer: A



Question 240

Which of these components does NOT require a Security Gateway R76 license?

A. SmartConsole

B. SmartUpdate upgrading/patching

C. Check Point Gateway

D. Security Management Server


Answer: A