Latest Real 156-315.13 Tests Dumps and VCE Exam Questions 481-490

April 25, 2014


Question 481

What proprietary Check Point protocol is the basis of the functionality of Check Point ClusterXL inter-module communication?


B. IPSec





Answer: C



Question 482

Which of the following is part of the PKI? Select all that apply.

A. User certificate

B. Attribute Certificate

C. Certificate Revocation Lists

D. Public-key certificate


Answer: A,C,D



Question 483

Which of the following are valid PKI architectures?

A. mesh architecture

B. Bridge architecture

C. Gateway architecture

D. Hierarchical architecture


Answer: A,C,D



Question 484

Which of the following are valid reasons for beginning with a fresh installation VPN-1 NGX R65, instead of upgrading a previous version to VPN-1 NGX R65? Select all that apply.

A. You see a more logical way to organize your rules and objects

B. You want to keep your Check Point configuration.

C. Your Security Policy includes rules and objects whose purpose you do not know.

D. Objects and rules¡¯ naming conventions have changed over time.


Answer: A,C,D



Question 485

Public keys and digital certificates provide which of the following? Select three.

A. Non repudiation

B. Data integrity

C. Availability

D. Authentication


Answer: A,B,D



Question 486

Which of the following uses the same key to decrypt as it does to encrypt?

A. dynamic encryption

B. Certificate-based encryption

C. static encryption

D. Symmetric encryption

E. Asymmetric encryption


Answer: D



Question 487

Central License management allows a Security Administrator to perform which of the following? Select all that apply.

A. Attach and/or delete only NGX Central licenses to a remote module (not Local licenses)

B. Check for expired licenses

C. Add or remove a license to or from the license repository

D. Sort licenses and view license properties

E. Delete both NGX Local licenses and Central licenses from a remote module

F. Attach both NGX Central and Local licenses to a remote module


Answer: A,B,C,D



Question 488

How should Check Point packages be uninstalled?

A. In the same order in which the installation wrapper initially installed from.

B. In the opposite order in which the installation wrapper initially installed them.

C. In any order, CPsuite must be the last package uninstalled

D. In any order as long as all packages are removed


Answer: B



Question 489

Which encryption scheme provides in-place encryption?






Answer: B



Question 490

What is the command to upgrade an NG with Application Intelligence R55 SmartCenter running on SecurePlatform to VPN-1 NGX R65?

A. fw install_mgmt

B. upgrade_mgmt

C. patch add cd

D. fwm upgrade_tool


Answer: C