Latest Real 156-315.13 Tests Dumps and VCE Exam Questions 531-540

April 25, 2014


Question 531

What is the significance of the depicted icon in the SmartWorkflow toolbar?

A. Submit for Approval

B. Check the consistency of SmartWorkflow sessions.

C. Overall status information: Everything is OK.

D. Session has been approved.


Answer: A



Question 532

When selecting a backup target using SmartProvisioning, which target is NOT available?

A. Locally on device





Answer: B



Question 533

Which of the following can NOT approve a change in a SmartWorkflow session?

A. FireWall Administrators

B. FireWall Managers

C. Provider-1 Superusers

D. Customer Superusers


Answer: A



Question 534

Which of the following files is used to allow only specific IPs or networks to access the Management Portal?

A. hosts.allow

B. portal.ips

C. cpportal_allowips

D. allowedips.portal


Answer: A



Question 535

Which of the following can NOT be done on the Management Portal?

A. Set the Management Portal to use HTTP instead of HTTPS

B. Configure Management Portal to bypass authentication when connecting from a specific IP address

C. Restrict hosts / networks that can access the portal

D. Run the Management Portal on a port other than the default port 4433


Answer: D



Question 536

When configuring a Web Application for SSL VPN remote access, you have given the following definition for the application along with its protection level.


Which of the following is the best match for the above application?

A. dmz.example.com/extranet

B. www.dmz.example/extranet

C. www.example.com/intranet

D. hr.dmz.example.com/intranet


Answer: C



Question 537

The Management Portal Software Blade allows users to

A. View Security Policies

B. Monitor traffic flows

C. Add/Delete rules

D. Create/Modify objects


Answer: A



Question 538

What command will stop all (and only) Management Portal services?

A. cpstop

B. spstop

C. sportalstop

D. smartportalstop


Answer: D



Question 539

Which file can you modify to change settings of the Management Portal? For example: changing the webserver port or to use HTTP instead of HTTPS.

A. cp_http.conf

B. cp_httpd.conf

C. cp_http_admin.conf

D. cp_httpd_admin.conf


Answer: D



Question 540

Which of the following is NOT a supported browser for Management Portal?

A. Internet Explorer

B. Safari

C. Firefox

D. Mozilla


Answer: B