Latest Real 156-715-70 Tests Dumps and VCE Exam Questions 271-280

April 25, 2014


Question 271

Under which two circumstances can user information be missed by the User Collector?

A. 1, 5

B. 2, 5

C. 3, 4

D. 1, 3


Answer: D 



Question 272

True or False. The User Collector has a limitation to the number of users that can be collected.

A. False. There is no default limitation to the number of users that can be collected

B. False. A limitation can be configured, but it is not the default setting

C. True. This is set at 500,000 and cannot be modified

D. True. This is set at 500,000, but this can be overridden


Answer: D 



Question 273

You are troubleshooting an issue where after deploying User Collector to your user population, ALL users need to go through a Remote Help procedure before they are able access their computers. Which of the following is a possible cause?

A. The Inclusion/Exclusion Lists > Domain Name restriction has been configured to exclude all domains.

B. The Inclusion/Exclusion Lists > Excluded user names list has an asterisk entered in it.

C. The User Recording Policy > Update Existing User Data setting has not been configured.

D. The User Recording Policy > User Collection Policy setting is configured for Collect Only User Names.


Answer: D 



Question 274

What are two possible methods of limiting the user information gathered by the User Collector?

A. 4, 5

B. 2, 5

C. 4, 2

D. 1, 3


Answer: D 



Question 275

Place the following steps for deploying User Collector in their proper order:

A. 2, 4, 1, 3

B. 1, 3, 4, 2

C. 4, 1, 3, 2

D. 2, 1, 4, 3


Answer: A 



Question 276

Which data protection method provides an effective deterrent to illicit network access via network-connected machines, especially if these machines are linked as part of a VPN?

A. Boot protection

B. User authentication

C. Full disk encryption

D. File encryption


Answer: D 



Question 277

The account data base in the PPBE is protected by _________ AES Encryption.

A. 256 bit

B. 128 bit

C. 512 bit

D. 394 bit


Answer: C 



Question 278

Which of the following statements about Group Authority Levels (GALs) is true?

A. The required GALs for a System Settings folder is set to the MOST secure value by default.

B. GALs can be locally assigned by modifying a single user account.

C. Groups with the same GAL can never modify each other’s System or Group settings.

D. GALs can be assigned directly to user accounts.


Answer: C 



Question 279

Which of the following is an aspect of Group Authority Levels? Choose the most correct answer.

A. Filters which settings can be configured in the FDEMC, and by whom.

B. It only controls who can affect what.

C. It is mandatory for each group.

D. Group Authority Levels are assigned on a per-user basis.


Answer: A 



Question 280

Which of the three Full Disk Encryption services running on the local machine allows any authenticated user to check encryption status when Full Disk Encryption is first installing and encrypting?

A. P95Tray.exe

B. PstartSr.EXE



Answer: A