Latest Real 156-715-70 Tests Dumps and VCE Exam Questions 311-320

April 25, 2014


Question 311

You are an Endpoint Security administrator with read/write access to entity, system, and administrator-related privileges, but you only have read access privileges to reports. What is your administrative role?

A. System Administrator

B. Policy Administrator

C. Support Administrator

D. Master Administrator


Answer: A 



Question 312

During the Secure Access client boot process, the client driver takes control of network traffic, blocking inbound traffic, except for which type?






Answer: C 



Question 313

During the Secure Access Client boot process, ______ is needed for obtaining a dynamic IP address.






Answer: C 



Question 314

The Secure Access Server includes three preconfigured security policies. Which one of these is NOT a preconfigured policy?

A. Medium Security

B. Observation

C. High Security

D. Low Security


Answer: D 



Question 315

The Block fragmented packets setting is recommended for which machines?

A. Externally connected machines

B. VPN connected machines

C. Internally connected machines

D. Dial-up connected machines


Answer: A 



Question 316

To block, allow, or terminate a particular program, which type of Program rule would you use?

A. Rules for unknown programs

B. Rules for specific programs

C. Rules for referenced programs

D. Multicast rules


Answer: B 



Question 317

Which program permission would you set in a program rule to allow/block an application from connecting to untrusted computers?

A. Trusted Zone/Act as Client

B. Trusted Zone/Act as Gateway

C. Trusted Zone/Act as Server

D. Internet Zone/Act as Client


Answer: D 



Question 318

What Program Permission would you set in a program rule to allow/block an application from listening for a connection from a trusted server?

A. Internet Zone/Act as Client

B. Trusted Zone/Act as Server

C. Internet Zone/Act as Server

D. Trusted Zone/Act as Gateway


Answer: B 



Question 319

In applying program rules for a client, if network traffic does not match any program rules, what happens?

A. Only personal rules are applied.

B. No rules are applied.

C. The user session is restricted to the Sandbox.

D. Unknown Program Rules are applied.


Answer: D 



Question 320

In the Default Policy, all sources and destinations of network traffic are in which Zone?

A. Trusted

B. Blocked

C. Firewall

D. Personal


Answer: A