Latest Real 156-715-70 Tests Dumps and VCE Exam Questions 321-330

April 25, 2014


Question 321

Which rules have precedence for inbound traffic?

A. Internet

B. Zone

C. Program

D. Firewall


Answer: D 



Question 322

Using the preconfigured Medium Security setting for a Trusted Zone, what is the only traffic type that will be blocked?

A. DNS incoming

B. IGMP incoming

C. NetBIOS incoming

D. ICMP outgoing


Answer: D 



Question 323

Which two types of installers are used to install Secure Access Windows clients?

A. RPM package and .exe

B. .exe and MSI

C. MSI and RPM package

D. MSI and Binary


Answer: B 



Question 324

Changes made to a client package:

A. May prevent previously installed clients from receiving new policy.

B. Can only be made by Master Administrator once the package is saved.

C. Do not affect clients already installed.

D. Are automatically made to installed clients upon client heartbeat.


Answer: C 



Question 325

When launched for the first time, the Secure Access client creates a Default Policy stored in which directory file?

A. %Windir%Program FilesCheck PointClientBackup.RDB

B. %Windir%Internet Logspolicyname.RDB

C. %Windir%Internet LogsIAMDB.RDB

D. %Windir%Program FilesCheck PointClientIAMDB.RDB


Answer: C 



Question 326

What do you do when your Secure Access Client fails to retain your configuration when you install from a drive image?

A. Replace the .RDB files with files created on another machine.

B. Run IClient-hu100 on each computer.

C. It is not recommended because there is no client differentiation.

D. Update the signature of the .RDB files to ensure their integrity.


Answer: C 



Question 327

What is the cause when your Secure Access Client fails to start the vsmon service when you install from a drive image?

A. .RDB files are digitally signed and fail the Integrity signature check.

B. The .RDB files are corrupt.

C. The drive image size does not match the host drive size of the new machine.

D. The default configuration of the new system does not match the drive image source.


Answer: B 



Question 328

Several unwanted changes have been made to your original Secure Access Client package. How do you restore the package setting to the defaults? You can restore the package settings by:

A. duplicating the package.

B. You cannot reset the original package to its default.

C. right-clicking the package icon and choosing “Reset to Default”.

D. uninstalling and reinstalling the package.


Answer: B 



Question 329

What is the default Secure Access Client installation method?

A. Manual

B. Interactive

C. Silent

D. Command Line


Answer: C 



Question 330

What would you use to manually edit an existing client configuration file?

A. You cannot manually edit an existing client-configuration file.

B. Wordpad

C. integedit.exe



Answer: D