Latest Real 156-715-70 Tests Dumps and VCE Exam Questions 351-360

April 25, 2014


Question 351

Which port must be allowed on the Gateway to permit server and client communication for synchronization?

A. HTTPS 8080

B. HTTPS 443

C. TCP 80

D. TCP 2100


Answer: D 



Question 352

Which port must be allowed on the Gateway to permit client heartbeats to the server?

A. HTTPS 8080

B. HTTPS 443

C. TCP 2100

D. TCP 80


Answer: D 



Question 353

Which alternate port must be allowed on the Gateway to permit client heartbeats to the server?

A. 6054

B. 8080

C. 2100

D. 443


Answer: A 



Question 354

Which port is used to download policies to the client?

A. 2100

B. 80

C. 8080

D. 443


Answer: B 



Question 355

Where is complete port information stored for the client?

A. In the Policy

B. In the client package

C. In the userc.c file

D. In the registry


Answer: A 



Question 356

What kind of resource is necessary to add in the Trusted Zone to configure Cooperative Enforcement?

A. Local subnets

B. A VPN Concentrator

C. An Internet Gateway

D. DNS servers


Answer: B 



Question 357

Which of the following is required when creating a VPN policy?

A. Disable anti-virus and Program Control

B. Messaging settings must be enabled

C. Add a Gateway to the Trusted Zone

D. Configure a remediation sourc


Answer: C 



Question 358

Consider this scenario: in an enterprise network where the Endpoint Server contains multiple policies each with a different anti-virus vendor, a fully compliant VPN client attempts to connect but is denied access based on its anti-virus settings. What is the first thing to consider when resolving this issue?

A. Verify the group assignments

B. Verify network connectivity

C. Update the anti-virus definition files

D. Verify the Policy assignments


Answer: D 



Question 359

After deploying a policy, clients connect but do not receive the new policy. What is the problem?

A. The Policy was not saved.

B. After saving, the clients were not rebooted.

C. The clients are not connected to the Endpoint Server.

D. The Policy was not assigned.


Answer: D 



Question 360

Consider the following New Antivirus Rule dialog:

To prevent clients from being blocked inadvertently, which of the following is the BEST setting for the rule?

A. Configure a minimum DAT file version

B. Observe clients that don’t comply

C. Specify a remediation resource

D. Restrict clients that don’t comply


Answer: B