Latest Real 156-815.70 Tests Dumps and VCE Exam Questions 51-60

April 25, 2014


Question 51

If you do not correctly configure the time settings of devices in a Multi-Domain Management with Provider-1 environment, which of the following failures could occur?

A. Licenses being considered invalid

B. Certificate Authority Corruption

C. All are possible.

D. SIC failure


Answer: C



Question 52

Which subdirectory under /opt contains installation and upgrade log files?

A. CPInstLog

B. CPIlog

C. CPLogInst

D. CPlog


Answer: A



Question 53

What happens when mds_backup is run with -l switch?

A. Back up only active log file

B. Include all logs from the backup file

C. Exclude all logs from the backup file

D. Do not back up only active log file


Answer: C



Question 54

Which of the following commands would you use to delete a customer from the MDS using the CLI?

A. mcd

B. mdscmd

C. mds_del_customer

D. mdsstop_customer


Answer: B



Question 55

Which command would stop the root level MDS but leave all of the CMA’s still running?

A. mdsstop -m

B. cpstop

C. mdsstop

D. fw mds stop


Answer: A



Question 56

In Multi-Domain Management with Provider-1 R70, how many management modules can be configured for a particular customer?

A. 2 (CMA and CMA-HA)

B. 3 (CMA, CMA-HA1 and CMA-HA2/Security Mgmt-HA)

C. unlimited

D. 1 (CMA)


Answer: B



Question 57

What CLI command is used to set a Leading VIP Interface?

A. mdsconfig

B. cphaprob

C. cpconfig

D. fw ctl pstat


Answer: A



Question 58

A. Customer Logging Modules

B. CMAs associated with that customer

C. Security Enforcement Modules configured on the CMAs

D. VPN communities the customer’s gateways participate in


Answer: D



Question 59

When a CMA is started, the system creates a virtual network interface for the CMA’s virtual IP address on the:

A. MDS primary network interface

B. MDS secondary network interface

C. MDS sync network interface

D. MDS virtual network interface


Answer: A



Question 60

If a Multi-Domain Management with Provider-1 administrator would like to create a CMA’s IP address on a network interface other than on the default, what CMA file will they need to modify?

A. vip_ip_index.conf

B. vip_ip.conf

C. vip_index.conf

D. ip_vip.conf


Answer: C