Latest Real 156-915.71 Tests Dumps and VCE Exam Questions 231-240

April 27, 2014


Question 231

Which SmartView Tracker mode allows you to read the SMTP email body sent from the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)?

A. Log Tab

B. Display Capture Action

C. This is not a SmartView Tracker feature

D. Account Query


Answer: B



Question 232

If you are experiencing LDAP issues, which of the following should you check?

A. Connectivity between the NGX gateway and LDAP server

B. Secure Internal Communications (SIC)

C. VPN Load Balancing D. Overlapping VPN Domains


Answer: C



Question 233

Which SmartConsole component can Administrators use to track remote administrative activities?

A. SmartView Tracker

B. The WebUI

C. Eventia Reporter

D. SmartView Monitor


Answer: B



Question 234

Where can an administrator configure the notification action in the event of a policy install time change?

A. SmartDashboard: Policy Package Manager

B. SmartView Tracker: Audit Log

C. SmartView Monitor: Global Thresholds

D. SmartDashboard: Security Gateway Object: Advanced Properties Tab


Answer: C



Question 235

Which of the following is the most critical step in a SmartCenter Server NGX R65 backup strategy?

A. Perform a full system tape backup of both the SmartCenter and Security Gateway machines.

B. Run the cpstop command prior to running the upgrade_export command

C. Using the upgradejmport command, attempt to restore the SmartCenter Server to a non-production system

D. Move the *.tgz upgrade_export file to an offsite location via ftp.


Answer: C



Question 236

In a R70 ClusterXL Load Sharing configuration, which type of ARP related problem sometimes forces the use of Unicast Mode (Pivot) configuration due to incompatibility on some adjacent routers and switches?

A. Multicast MAC address response to a RARP request

B. MGCP MAC address response to a Multicast IP request

C. Unicast MAC address response to a Multicast IP request

D. Multicast MAC address response to a Unicast IP request


Answer: D



Question 237

How do you verify a VPN Tunnel Interface (VTI) is configured properly?

A. vpn shell display interface detailed <VTI name>

B. vpn shell show interface detailed <VTI name*

C. vpn shell display <VTI name> detailed

D. vpn shell show<VTI name> detailed


Answer: B



Question 238

What action can be run from SmartUpdate NGX R65?

A. mds_backup

B. cpinfo

C. upgrade_export

D. remote uninstall verifier


Answer: B



Question 239

Which of the following would NOT be a function of the Check Point license-upgrade tool?

A. Upgrade locally managed licenses.

B. Simulate the license-upgrade process.

C. Manually upgrade a specific license.

D. View the status of the currently installed licenses.


Answer: C



Question 240

How do you use SmartView Monitor to compile traffic statistics for your company’s Internet activity during production hours?

A. Use the “Traffic Counters” settings and SmartView Monitor to generate a graph showing the total HTTP traffic for the day

B. Select the “Tunnels” view, and generating a report on the statistics

C. View total packets passed through the Security Gateway

D. Configure a Suspicious Activity Rule which triggers an alert when HTTP traffic passes through the Gateway


Answer: A