Latest Real 156-915.76 Tests Dumps 0nd VCE Exam Questions 161-170

April 27, 2014



While using the SmartProvisioning to create a new profile, you cannot continue because there are no devices to select. What is the possible reason for this?

i) All devices already have a profile assigned to them

ii) Provisioning Blade is not enabled on the devices

iii) No UTM- 1/Power- 1/Secure Platform devices are defined in SmartDashboard

iv) SIC is not established on the devices.


A. ii, iii, iv

B. ii only

C. iii, and iv

D. i, iii


Answer: B




What is a task of the IPS Event Analysis Server?


A. Invoke defined automatic reactions

B. Display the received events

C. Analyze each IPS log entry as it enters the Log server

D. Add events to the events database


Answer: C




Message digests use which of the following?


A. SHA-1 and MD5

B. IDEA and RC4

C. SSL and MD4

D. DES and RC4


Answer: A




What are the 3 main components of the IPS Event Analysis software Blade?

i) Correlation Unit

ii) Correlation Client

iii) Correlation Server

iv) Analyzer Server

v) Analyzer Client

vi) Analyzer Unit


A. i ii iii

B. iv, v. vi

C. i, iii, iv

D. i, iv, v


Answer: D




How can you verify that SecureXL is running?


A. cpstat os

B. fw ver

C. securexl stat

D. fwaccel stat


Answer: D




Susan needs to change the DNS settings on the SecurePlatform Gateway. Using the output below, which gateway she could edit from the devices view using Edit gateway, then selecting the DNS tab?


A. Seoul-Edge

B. Prague-GW

C. Berlin-GW

D. Paris-GW


Answer: D




What is the router command to save your OSPF configuration?


A. Save

B. write config

C. save memory

D. write mem


Answer: B




You enable Sweep scan Protection and Host port scan in IPS to determine n a large amount of traffic from a specific internal IP address is network attack, or a user’s system is infected with a worm. Will you get all the information you need from these actions?


A. No. To verify if tins is a worm or an active attack, you must also enable TCP attack defenses

B. No. The logs and alert can provide some level of information, but determining whether the attack is intentional or a worm requires further research.

C. Yes. IPS will limit the traffic impact from the scans, and identify if the pattern of the traffic matches any known worms

D. No. These PS protections will only block the traffic, but it will not provide a detailed analysis of the traffic


Answer: B




Using SmartProvisioning Profiles, which of the following could be configured for both SecurePlatform AND UTM-1 Edge devices?

i) Backup

ii) Routing

iii) Interfaces

iv) Hosts

v) NTP server

vi) DNS


A. ii, iii, iv, and vi

B. i, iii, iv, and vi

C. None of these options are available for both.

D. i, ii, and iv


Answer: C




What is the advantage for deploying Connectra in a DMZ, versus a LAN?


A. Connectra adds another layer of access security to internal resources, when It resides in a DMZ

B. B.SSL Network Extender is ineffective in a LAN deployment

C. Traffic is in clear text when forwarded to internal servers, but the back connection is encrypted

for remote users

D. Traffic is authenticated without hiding behind Connectra’s IP address


Answer: A