Latest Real 156-915.76 Tests Dumps 0nd VCE Exam Questions 241-250

April 27, 2014



How do you recover communications between your SmartCenter Server and Security Gateway if you “lock” yourself out via a rule or policy mis-configuration?


A. cpstop

B. fw unload policy

C. fw delete all.all

D. fwunloadlocal


Answer: D




Which command is used to uninstall the Security Policy directly from the Security Gateway?


A. fwm unload.local

B. fw kill policy

C. cpstop

D. fwunloadlocal


Answer: D




You have two NOKIA Appliances: one IP530 and one IP380. Both appliances have IPSO 3.9 and NGX R76 VPN-1 Power installed in a distributed deployment. Can they be members of a Gateway Cluster?


A. No, because the appliances must be of the same model (both should be IP530 or IP380)

B. NO, because NOKIA does not have a cluster option.

C. Yes, as long as they have the same IPSO and VPN-1 versions.

D. NO, because the Security Gateways must be installed in a stand-alone installation.


Answer: C




Your organization has many VPN-1 Edge Gateways at various branch offices, to allow users to access company resources. For security reasons, your organization’s Security Policy requires all Internet traffic initiated behind the VPN-1 Edge Gateways first be inspected by your headquarters’ VPN-1 Pro Security Gateway. How do you configure VPN routing in this star VPN Community?


A. To the Internet and other targets only

B. To the center and other satellites, through the center

C. To the center; orthrougnthe center to other satellites, then to the Internet and other VPN targets

D. To the center only


Answer: C




Your bank’s distributed VPN-1 NGX R76 installation has Security Gateways up for renewal. Which SmartConsole application will tell you which Security Gateways have licenses that will expire within the next 30 days?


A. SmartUpdate

B. SmartView Tracker

C. SmartDashboard

D. SmartPortal


Answer: D




After installing VPN-1 Pro NGX R76, you discover that one port on your Intel Quad NIC on the Security Gateway is not fetched by a get topology request What is the most likely cause and solution?


A. Make sure the driver for you particular NIC is available, and reinstall. You will be prompted for the driver.

B. The NIC is faulty. Replace it and reinstall.

C. If an interface is not configured, it is not recognized. Assign an IP and subnet mask using the WebUl.

D. Your NIC driver is installed but was not recognized. Apply the latest SecurePlatform R76 Hotfix Accumulator (HFA).


Answer: C




A marketing firm’s networking team is trying to troubleshoot user complaints regarding access to audio-streaming material from the Internet. The networking team asks you to check the object and rule configuration settings for the perimeter Security Gateway. Which SmartConsole application should you use to check these objects and rules?


A. SmartViewTracker

B. SmartView Status

C. SmartView Monitor

D. SmartDashboard


Answer: B




A third shift Security Administrator configured and installed a new Security Policy early this morning. When you arrive, he tells you that he has been receiving complaints that Internet access is very slow. You suspect the Security Gateway virtual memory might be the problem. How would you check this using SmartConsole?


A. SmartViewMonitor

B. SmartView Tracker

C. Eventia Analyzer

D. This information can only be viewed with fw ctl pstat command from the CLI.


Answer: A




The command fw fetch causes the:


A. SmartCenter Server to retrieve the debug logs of the target Security Gateway

B. Security Gateway to retrieve the user database information from the tables on the SmartCenter Server.

C. SmartCenter Server to retrieve the IP addresses of the target Security Gateway

D. Security Gateway to retrieve the compiled policy and inspect code from the SmartCenter Server and install it to the kernel


Answer: D




When configuring Port Scanning, which level of sensitivity detects more than 100 inactive ports are tried for a period of 30 seconds?




B. High

C. None. Such a level does not exist.

D. Medium


Answer: D