1Y0-992 Dumps

Latest Real 1Y0-992 Tests Dumps and VCE Exam 111-120

April 13, 2014


Question 111

Why do you have to remove the WSID=NAME_OF_MF_SERVER?


A. It contains the name of the cloned MF server in the MF20.dsn file

B. It should not be removed.


Answer: A



Question 112

Where is the Mf20.dsn setting enter on the OBDC client setup?


A. File

B. Client

C. Server


Answer: C



Question 113

If the IMA service did not start what is the subsystem it should be in?


A. XML service



Answer: B



Question 114

What is the default priority value of sound?


A. 0

B. 1

C. 2

D. 3

E. 4


Answer: C



Question 115

To improve performance, Tess King has decided to disable lazy writes on the MetaFrame XP Presentation Servers. Which two DWORD must she add to the system registry to perform this task? Select two.


A. IRPStackSize

B. StopLazyCache

C. DeskSpeedSizing

D. UtilizeNTCaching


Answer: A,D

Not B: There is no such thing as stoplazycache.



Question 116

Which three are benefits of two or four-processor Meta Frame XP Presentation Servers over eight- processor servers?(Choose Three)


A. Ease administration

B. Speed of thread utilization

C. Provide greater redundancy

D. Avoid operating system memory limitation

E. Reduce price of server hardware per concurrent user


Answer: C,D,E



Question 117

The DSMAINT CONFIG command allows an administrator to instruct the MetaFrame XP Presentation Server to use a specific

DSN file. Which of the following is not a switch for DSMAINT CONFIG?


A. /DSN B.





Answer: D



Question 118

Which four tables must be present when verifying whether the subscription was configured successfully on a subscriber server? (Choose four)






E. MSreplication_objects

F. MSSubscriptio_agents


Answer: B,D,E,F



Question 119

By default, a single Zone supports up to member servers. A. 712

B. 350

C. 256

D. 512


Answer: D



Question 120

When cloning a MetaFrame XP Presentation Server, which settings are not retained?


A. Zone settings

B. ICA client settings

C. Application settings

D. Connection settings


Answer: A