1Y0-992 Dumps

Latest Real 1Y0-992 Tests Dumps and VCE Exam 121-130

April 13, 2014


Question 121

____enables administrators to collect, display, store, and analyze data about system performance, application or process use, and User activity.


A. Citrix Resource Manager

B. Citrix Installation Manager

C. Program Neighbourhood Admin Tool

D. The management console for MetaFrame XP Presentation Server


Answer: A



Question 122

The____interprets metrics that apply to the entire server farm.


A. Data collector

B. Farm Metric Server

C. Summary Database

D. management conso1e for MetaFrame XP Presentation Server


Answer: B



Question 123

Joe changed the TCP port number for one of his MetaFrame XP Presentation Servers. The server accepts ICA connections from remote ICA Clients. It is important that the ICA clients are able to establish a connection after the port has been changed. What are two things that Joe must do to ensure that connections are established after the port number has been changed? (Choose two)


A. Joe must reboot the MetaFrame XP Presentation Server.

B. Joe must ensure that the server location is updated to reflect The IP address of the server that was modified.

C. Joe must remove all published applications from the server and reconnect them once the TCP port has been changed.

D. Joe must ensure that the TCP port is also changed on theICA clients that connect to the MetaFrame XP Presentation server.


Answer: A,D



Question 124

If application enumeration is working for TCP browsing but not for TCP+HTTP, which service or subsystem would be investigated?


A. IMA Service

B. XML Service

C. PN Subsystem

D. ICA Browser Subsystem


Answer: B



Question 125

If the IMA service does not start under normal circumstances when a MetaFrame XP Presentation Server is rebooted and both required plug-ins and product plug-ins have been loaded, what, most Likely, is causing the problem?


A. IMAFC.DLL is corrupt or missing

B. Corruption of the local host cache

C. Connectivity problems with the data store

D. IMASRV is not able to identify the data collector for the zone


Answer: B



Question 126

Matthew wants to lead execution scripts that copy standardized “INI” type files to user directories in order to perform application related cleanup after an application terminates. Which command can be used to perform this task?







Answer: A



Question 127

Which command is used to allow the configuration of ICA display settings for graphics performance for ICA clients?







Answer: C



Question 128

Which three rules can be assigned to load evaluators? (Choose three)


A. IP Range

B. Disk Data 1/0

C. Memory Faults

D. Client User Load

E. Application User Load


Answer: A,D,E



Question 129

Which tool must be used to enable Auto-End Tasks and set the default time-out period?


A. Citrix Benchmark Server 4.0

B. Microsoft Windows Registry Editor

C. Program Neighbourhood Admin Agent

D. Management console for MetaFrame XP Presentation Server


Answer: B



Question 130

What is used to disable system hard error messages on the MetaFrame XP Presentation Server?


A. Command Prompt

B. Microsoft Windows Registry Editor

C. Program Neighbourhood Admin Agent

D. Management console for MetaFrame XP Presentation Server


Answer: B