1Y0-992 Dumps

Latest Real 1Y0-992 Tests Dumps and VCE Exam 21-30

April 13, 2014


Question 21

.Which of the following ensures that the ICA client for Macintosh version 7.1 works?


A. Install the ICA client on the server.

B. Install the Thread Manager System on the machine.

C. Remove the Thread Manager System from machine.

D. The Citrix ICA client cannot be installed on Macintosh 7.1.


Answer: B

Reference: CCA: Citrix Metaframe XP 1.0 administration study guide, isbn 0782140572, chapter 10



Question 22

.Mike is Certpaper.com’s Network Manager. Before implementing five MetaFrame for UNIX servers in his network, he must understand license polling. What statements are correct? (Choose two.)


A. Citrix licenses are pooled by default.

B. Citrix licenses are not pooled by default.

C. Citrix servers support allocating user count licenses, either locally or from al license pool.

D. If a Citrix server has both local and pooled licenses, the pooled licenses are allocated before the local licenses are selected form the local server.

E. A pooled license cannot be used by any client connecting to any server in the subnet. Only local licenses allow client connections


Answer: A,C



Question 23

.Which two option can be used when deploying ICA client through Active Directory? (Choose two.)


A. Java Client 7.0 or later

B. Program Neighborhood Client 7.0 or later

C. Program Neighborhood Agent Admin Tool

D. Microsoft Windows Installer Service 2.0 or later

E. Managements console for MetaFramd XP Presentation Server


Answer: B,D



Question 24

.Citrix ICA client work natively with all system except   .


A. BSD UNIX version 4.4.

B. IBM AIX version 4.1.1 or greater.

C. True64 version 3.2 or greater on an alpha system.

D. Solaris 2.51 or greater, or (SPARC) version 2.6 or greater (x86).


Answer: A



Question 25

.How are pooled licenses distributed?


A. Pooled licenses are distributed based on the client versions.

B. Pooled licenses are distributed based on the number of logons.

C. Pooled licenses are distributed based on the inherit pool license command on the MetaFrame server.

D. Pooled licenses are distributed based on the number of physical devices accessing resources on the subnet.


Answer: D

Reference:  P. 154 in Citrix? MetaFrame XP Server for Windows with Feature Release 3



Question 26

.An administrator wants to use Microsoft Active Directory to deploy the ICA clients. Which two files can be used to perform this task? (Choose two.)







Answer: A,B

Reference:  P. 125/126 Advanced Concepts Guide Citrix Metaframe XP for Windows with Feature Release 3



Question 27

.Which of the following works with Citrix ICA client software?


A. RISC -based systems.

B. Pentium-based PCs.

C. PowerPC-based systems.

D. UNIX-based computers.

E. All of the above.


Answer: E



Question 28

.By default, each Citrix Server in subnet is a Member Browser (including the Master ICA Browser).


A. True

B. False


Answer: A



Question 29

.The is a utility that monitors and record changes to an application installation on the packing server.


A. Packager

B. Install Service

C. Application Monitor

D. Management console for MetaFrame XP Presentation Sever.


Answer: A



Question 30

.Sam has just implemented MetaFrame on one of his 50 servers. He needs to copy server settings from one machine to another using shell script. Which command must he use?


A. ctxcfg -s

B. ctxcfg -h

C. ctxcfg -g

D. ctxcfg -c


Answer: C

Reference:  P.142 in Administrator’s Guide Citrix Metaframe Server for Unix operating systems version 1.2