1Y0-992 Dumps

Latest Real 1Y0-992 Tests Dumps and VCE Exam 31-40

April 13, 2014


Question 31

.What tasks does a Citrix Member Browser perform? (Choose two.)


A. It provides information concerning its load.

B. It reboots all MetaFrame servers on the subnet.

C. It updates the list of active Citrix servers in the subnet.

D. It sends information t the Master Browser in regular intervals.


Answer: A,D



Question 32

.Administrators should consider creating an application package if an application requires



A. seldom

B. frequent

C. automated

D. undocumented


Answer: B



Question 33

.Which command is required to view a list of all disconnected sessions on the Citrix server?


A. Qsession

B. ctxqsession

C. ctxsqsession -q

D. ctxsqsession -all


Answer: B



Question 34

.When command is used to view Citrix license information on a Citrix server?


A. ctxqlicense

B. ctxqserver -license

C. ctxqserver -viewlicnese

D. ctxqserver -licneseview


Answer: B



Question 35

.What three kind of information about published application would be located in the data store database (Choose three.)


A. Audio settings

B. License count

C. Encryption level

D. Application name

E. Connected sessions


Answer: A,C,D



Question 36

.Tess King is logged on with the username Certpaper and session id number 141. She is experiencing problems, so he contact the Help Desk. The Help Disk discovers that Tess has a disconnected session on one of the servers. Which command will the help Desk use to reset his session?


A. ctxreset 141

B. ctxreset -141

C. ctxreset Certpaper

D. ctxreet – Certpaper


Answer: A



Question 37

.A MetaFrame for UNIX server contains pooled licenses and is on a subnet that includes only other MetaFrame for UNIX servers. The server goes down. What will happen to its pooled licenses if a Master Browset election is held?


A. The licenses will be purged immediately.

B. The licenses will be purged within 48 hours.

C. Nothing; the license will still be a available for the pool.

D. Master Browser elections cannot take place which a server is down.


Answer: A



Question 38

.What are two benefits of configuring a MetaFrame XP Presentation Server to point directly to the data store? (Choose two.)


A. Scalability

B. High Availability

C. Single point of failure

D. Easy implementation


Answer: A,B



Question 39

.What does the ctxcfg -s disable command disable on a MetaFrame for UNIX server?


A. Logon to a MetaFrame server.

B. Security on a MetaFrame server.

C. Sessions on a MetaFrame server.

D. Shadowing on a MetaFrame server.


Answer: D

Reference:  P.135 in Administrator’s Guide Citrix Metaframe Server for Unix operating systems version 1.2



Question 40

.Which command will allow you to configure the ICA browser’s service parameters?


A. ctxbrcfg

B. ctxsbrwscfg

C. ctxqserver -browser

D. ctxqserver -edit browser


Answer: A

Reference:  P.247 in Administrator’s Guide Citrix Metaframe Server for Unix operating systems version 1.2