1Y0-992 Dumps

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April 13, 2014


Question 81

Mark is modifying the sounds settings on each of the MetaFrame XP Presentation Server in the server farm.

Which sound quality will be compressed to a maximum of 16 Kbps?


A. Idle

B. Low

C. High

D. Medium


Answer: B



Question 82

Which is not a benefit of Server Optimization?


A. Increased server cost.

B. Improvement of user logon times.

C. Maximization of network throughput.

D. Improvement in the speed of applications.


Answer: A



Question 83

A proper balance between physical memory and paged memory prevents   .


A. halting

B. thrashing

C. blogging

D. jamming


Answer: B



Question 84

Which setting terminates any task that does not respond to a shutdown notice within the default time-out period?



B. Force Exit

C. Auto-End Tasks

D. System Time Out


Answer: C



Question 85

Adam would like to disable the Last Access Update on his MetaFrame XP Presentation Server. Which can be used to perform this task?


A. Citrix Benchmark Server 4.0

B. Microsoft Windows Registry Editor

C. Program Neighborhood Admin Agent

D. Management console for MetaFrame XP Presentation Server


Answer: B



Question 86

Which registry value is used to determine the interval between KeepAlive retransmissions until a response is received?


A. ICAEnableKeepAlive

B. ICAKeepAliveInterval

C. ICAEnableAliveInterval

D. ICADisableKeepInterval


Answer: B



Question 87

Which two registry values are used to control the ICA KeepAlive function? (Choose two)


A. ICAEnableKeepAlive

B. ICAKeepAliveInterval

C. ICAEnableAliveInterval

D. ICADisableKeepInterval


Answer: A,B

“ICAEnableKeepAlive” is one of the two correct answers (“ICAKeepAliveInterval” being the other correct answer).

Essentially the behavior is, if your connection has minimal latency initially then the performance can degraded over time which causes the connection to drop. There are 2 DWord keys that modify this behavior. These keys are located in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlCitrix. The first key:

ICAEnableKeepAlive enables the server to increase the number of retries. The interval that these retries are sent is set in the ICAKeepAliveInterval key. The ICAKeepAliveInterval is set to default at 60 but can be modified.



Question 88

Printer bandwidth throttling improved network performance by  .


A. Printing the client printers.

B. Reducing bandwidth competition.

C. Load balancing queues over Multiple servers.

D. Processing batch jobs after normal business hours.


Answer: B



Question 89

What two are the only high priority Virtual Channels? (Choose two)








Answer: B,C



Question 90

The  registry setting specifies the limit on the number of bytes in RAM that can be locked for I/O operations.


A. LockICA

B. LimitCALock

C. IoPageLockLimit

D. PageLocklcaLimit


Answer: B,C

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