220-802 Real Exam VCE

Latest Real 220-802 Tests Dumps and VCE Exam Questions 571-580

May 15, 2014



The network administrator is called to assist a user, Joe, who has trouble accessing his network

drive. Joe states he logs on with his credentials with no problem, however, when he attempts to

access a folder via UNC the system asks for credentials. Which of the following is the BEST

explanation for this?


A.      Joe is logging in with a disabled network user name.

B.      Joe does not have local share permission to access that folder.

C.      Joe is logging in to the local user account.

D.      Joe is not typing in the correct network password.


Correct Answer: C




The technician is dispatched to a multi-function device that users print and copy from all day. The

technician is told pages that are copied all have a line on them on the left hand side of the page.

The technician prints a printer test page and does not see the line on the page. The technician’s

NEXT step would be which of the following?


A.      Replace the toner cartridge to eliminate the lines.

B.      Print from another workstation to recreate the problem.

C.      Close the trouble ticket and document no trouble found.

D.      Copy a printed page to recreate the problem.


Correct Answer: D




A technician has just implemented a fix on a user’s PC. Which of the following would be the

technician’s NEXT step?


A.      Determine cause

B.      Inform the user

C.      Document the fix

D.      Test the fix


Correct Answer: D




A technician has discovered that there is an issue with the configuration of DirectX. Which of the

following utilities would allow the technician to resolve this issue?


A.      MSINFO32

B.      DXDIAG




Correct Answer: B




A technician has replaced the CMOS battery on the motherboard. Which of the following is the

reason why the technician did this?


A.      BIOS password was set incorrectly.

B.      System would not shut down properly.

C.      Video card was under powered.

D.      Clock settings are not being maintained.


Correct Answer: D




A user reports that their wireless connection is slow. The technician knows that the access point in use is an 802.11g. Which of the following could be the cause of the user’s issue? (Select TWO).


A.      User is too far from an access point.

B.      User is experiencing interference from the refrigerator.

C.      User’s PC is slow due to insufficient RAM.

D.      User is using an 802.11b card.

E.       Access point is not powered on.


Correct Answer: AD




A user calls a technician and states that their computer shutdowns after about 15 minutes of

being turned on. The user also states that if they wait about an hour and turn the computer back

on, it will function properly, but will shutdown after 15 minutes as it did before. Which of the

following should the technician check on the motherboard that could be causing this problem?


A.      SATA connection

B.      CMOS battery

C.      TPM chip

D.      Capacitors


Correct Answer: D




After a recent power spike, a user upgrades their motherboard. However, every time they try to

turn their workstation on, it only crashes and performs a core dump. All hard drives and

processors are compatible with the new motherboard. Which of the following symptoms has

MOST likely occurred?


A.      Fans spin but no power to other devices.

B.      Missing operating system.

C.      System only works in Safe Mode.

D.      Stop error.


Correct Answer: D




A user has a nonfunctional computer that has two hard drives. The user needs to retrieve

information from one of the drives. Which of the following would be used?


A.      Reformat bad hard drives

B.      External enclosure

C.      Reformat all hard drives

D.      CHKDSK along with DEFRAG utility


Correct Answer: B




A user reports that their laptop’s keyboard has areas where the keys always get stuck together.

After disassembling the keyboard to clean it, which of the following processes would be the FIRST

step to properly reassemble the keyboard?


A.      Power on laptop to verify functionality.

B.      Use appropriate hand tools.

C.      Test on another machine.

D.      Refer to manufacturer documentation.


Correct Answer: D